Write for Us

Why should I write for you?

Since we cover a wide array of topics, we’re eager to include views, opinions and insights from a diverse group of journalists and writers. Our stories tend to run between 1,200-2,200 words. As TOPICS is published by AmCham Taiwan, we have access to over 500 member companies, think tanks, and government agencies, and we offer contacts for reporting whenever possible. Our rates are highly competitive for the Taiwan market. Your articles will be published both in print and online and circulated among our members, subscribers, and policy influencers in Taipei and Washington, DC. Some articles will be translated into Chinese, reaching an even larger audience in Taiwan and the region.

What can I write about?

We publish several business-focused articles monthly under our Cover Story and Industry Focus sections. While these cover set themes (ranging from public health and semiconductors to entertainment and NFTs), we are happy to discuss unique pitches that are theme-adjacent. Ideally, we’re looking for an angle or viewpoint that we haven’t seen before somewhere else.

Beyond the set themes for each month, we publish Special Reports which are opportunities for journalists and writers to pitch something different. As an example, a recent issue focusing on the semiconductor industry featured a special report on locally-grown coffee. Articles should have a Taiwan angle or at least be related to issues facing Taiwan business and society.

TOPICS has two special editions that rely on our freelancers’ cultural expertise: the Wine & Dine issue published in January and the Travel & Culture issue published in July. For these issues, we are looking for more creative and sometimes personal stories. Titles like “Crickets on the Menu, Worms on the Plate” and “A Ramble Down Roosevelt Road” have been published in the past. These are popular with a wider readership than our traditional business stories and are a chance to write about ‘lighter’ topics.

How do I write for you?

If you have a story in mind that you think would be suitable for TOPICS, please send your pitch to our Senior Editor Julia Bergström at [email protected]. Please make sure that you pitch us a story and not just a subject or idea.  If you are interested in knowing more about our editorial plan and current story ideas, please contact Julia for the upcoming months’ themes. Please include your portfolio or a writing sample in your email.