Unlocking a Healthier Lifestyle With Herbalife

Ceasar Chen, General Manager, Herbalife Taiwan Inc., Taiwan Branch

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can feel like an uphill battle in today’s fast-paced world. Striking a balance between nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being is a challenge but also an opportunity for transformation. Herbalife, a global leader in nutrition, is leading the charge towards a vibrant and active lifestyle for all. 

For decades, Herbalife has supported various sports activities and events, including nurturing a professional baseball player, such as Chiang Shao-ching. Its dedication extends beyond well-known athletes to aspiring players via professional athletes sponsorship (baseball, triathlon, cycling) and general sports sponsorship (Taipei marathon, young potential talent sponsorship such as Meiyuan Elementary School judo team) in Taiwan, ensuring that all individuals under Herbalife programs receive the support they need to thrive. 

“During the pandemic, we wanted to promote an active lifestyle,” says John Hellmann, Herbalife vice president of public affairs in APAC. “So, we hosted our virtual run, which helped blend maintaining good exercise habits with communities and families doing a unified, virtual activity together.” 

Herbalife Vice President of Public Affairs (APAC) John Hellman

Fostering connectivity is an area of expertise for Herbalife. The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), an independent charity, supports communities worldwide, funding 178 orphanages, hospitals, and schools in over 60 countries. HFF has served more than 206,000 children in their communities with programs. HFF demonstrates this excellently by providing nutrition education to elementary schools in remote areas and helping children eat the right foods via its CASA Herbalife program.  

However, the partnership with academia doesn’t stop in elementary schools. “In Taiwan, we’ve got a five-year engagement with National Taiwan University (NTU) that also acts as an internship and lecture series to have a number of top NTU students gain international experience,” says Hellmann. The project supports parallel efforts made by the Ministry of Education and the Interdisciplinary Talent Cultivation program to turn today’s interns into tomorrow’s trailblazers. 

The worlds of academia and the latest advancements in nutrition science are integral parts of Herbalife’s mission. Herbalife’s science-backed and proven food technologies are made in collaboration with top healthcare professionals, with a global team of scientists and over 50 doctors, nutritionists and dietitians who provide input on the optimal components for an effective product. Due to this commitment to scientific quality and efficacy, the company has received the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) for 20 of its products on the market in Taiwan.  

The company also strives to facilitate cross-border ties and sponsorship opportunities with academic experts in science communities and universities throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Herbalife has sponsored various events, including the Asian Nutrition Society for Sport and Health’s International Conference on Adaptations and Nutrition in Sports, and the global 22nd International Congress of Nutrition – key conferences highlighting nutrition and public health initiatives that Herbalife engages in to make an even bigger leap toward a healthier and more connected world. 

Since 2020, Herbalife Taiwan has consistently sponsored the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan’s Citizen’s Health Forum and annual meetings of the Taiwan Society for Sports Nutrition and the Taiwan Medical Association for the Study of Obesity. General Manager of Herbalife Taiwan Ceasar Chen says that these interactions are as much a learning opportunity for the public sector as they are for Herbalife’s consumers.  

“We work together within the industry to develop the language for officials to use,” says Chen. “Doing so not only allows our officials to enhance their references but also helps them to better understand the importance of this kind of active lifestyle.” 

Herbalife Senior Director, Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training Susan Bowerman

To this end, Herbalife has established a global sustainability steering committee and a number of working groups focused on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. Among its ESG commitments, Herbalife aims to use 30 million fewer plastic bags and reduce plastic waste by 136 metric tons annually. The company will also incorporate 25% recycled material, using post-consumer resin (PCR) in its Formula One canisters. 

“The role of distributors is often underappreciated,” says Susan Bowerman, registered dietitian and senior director of worldwide nutrition education and training. Since 2007, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) has recognized members of its distributor community who embody its mission by awarding them the HFF Humanitarian Award. 

“If you look at the last 44 years and how we’ve evolved, we’ve been very responsive to what the market really has been asking for,” says Bowerman. “Looking into the future, I think that’s the direction we will always go in because of all the incredible scientific staff that bring their expertise to make these products exceptional.”