From Label-Less to rPET – How bonaqua® Contributes to Building a “World Without Waste” 

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability, bonaqua®, introduced by The Coca-Cola Company, has not only become a vanguard with its trailblazing approach to packaging design, but also a flagship product for the company’s sustainability vision. In 2022, bonaqua® took a significant step forward in the Taiwan market by introducing the market-first label-less bottled water, demonstrating The Coca-Cola Company’s vision of a “World Without Waste.” By removing traditional labels from its bottles, bonaqua® not only reduced plastic waste but also enhanced bottle recyclability, hence championing a sustainable lifestyle among its consumers. 

Advancing from the success of its label-less design, bonaqua® continued its sustainability journey in 2023 with another significant milestone. Following government approval of using recycled PET (rPET) – a clear, durable, and versatile plastic – to make food containers in 2022, the brand shifted to bottles made entirely from 100% rPET in summer 2023, also a market first. Each bonaqua® bottle is then made from recycling 1 to 1.5 plastic bottles and achieving a considerable 63% reduction in carbon emissions. This environmental triumph underscores bonaqua®’s proactive stance in reducing its ecological footprint and reinforces the brand’s commitment to a “World Without Waste”. 

The Coca-Cola Company’s “World Without Waste” vision focused on addressing challenges associated with packaging management – starting with production that works toward making all of its packaging recyclable by 2025 and helping collect and recycle a bottle or can for every one it sells by 2030. Subsequently, it also wants to apply 50% recycled material in its packaging and have at least 25% of its beverages sold in refillable/returnable packaging by 2030. This comprehensive strategy aims to reshape the way the world approaches packaging to foster environmental stewardship and promote environmental welfare. 

“The introduction of bonaqua® label-less water in 2022 and the transformation to rPET packaging were pivotal for Coca-Cola Taiwan to explore sustainable solutions,” says Jeff Chen, General Manager of Coca-Cola Taiwan. “Our philosophy of ‘Choose Less’ and the idea of ‘The Power of Less’ is well accepted by society, and we are committed to reimagining our beverage packaging to become more sustainable, thus helping to Refresh the World and Make a Difference.” 

The strides made by bonaqua® in sustainability have also attracted industry-wide acclaim and recognition. In 2022, the brand was the proud recipient of the Food Innovation Award in the Taiwan market, securing Two Stars in Packaging Innovation and One Star in Design Innovation. It was the only brand to be awarded twice in the celebration.  

In 2023, it also received the Fun Food Taiwan Award, a joint effort by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Industrial Development Bureau, and food associates in the market. These awards acknowledge bonaqua®’s ability to merge aesthetic appeal with eco-friendly design, highlighting that sustainability does not have to come at the expense of style. 

In 2023, bonaqua®’s efforts were further recognized when it received the title of Eco-Friendly Initiative of the Year at the FMCG Asia Awards, in which the judges were “particularly impressed by the packaging innovations, especially the individual sale bonaqua® label-less.” This accolade celebrated bonaqua®’s leadership in executing eco-conscious initiatives within the fast-moving consumer goods sector, solidifying the brand’s standing as a sustainability pioneer.  

“We are extremely proud to see that our sustainability efforts have received such high recognition within the industry, and hope what we have been pioneering in the market may further the sustainability journey in other markets.” Jeff continues. “Over the years, our brands, led by bonaqua®, have leveraged their influence to educate, inspire, and forward our sustainability goals in the region.” 

Jeff Chen, General Manager, Coca-Cola Taiwan

The ambition to become a “Center of Excellence” for sustainability also took a big step forward this year as some of The Coca-Cola Company’s key initiatives were featured at the 12th China International Beverage Industry Exhibition on Science and Technology in Shanghai. Products with eco-design elements from Taiwan and Hong Kong markets were both displayed prominently to showcase the strong commitment and solid efforts toward a world without waste. Delegates from various markets had the opportunity to learn more about packaging that features 100% rPET, label-less, clear bottles, as well as Returnable Glass Bottles (RGB), etc. 

As bonaqua® continues to exemplify excellence in sustainable practices and earns accolades for its efforts, it also sets an example for others in the market, inspiring a chain reaction of eco-friendly initiatives. The brand’s label-less packaging and the transition to 100% rPET bottles are testament to bonaqua®’s commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. The design and the products’ increased availability also allow consumers in the market to contribute to building a world without waste. The endeavor is in harmony with bonaqua®’s pledge to sustainable solutions and motivating more consumers to embrace sustainable lifestyles. 

“We aspire to encourage consumers to embrace the philosophy of ‘Less is More,’ and we aim to share our vision of ‘World Without Waste’ with the public. Together, let’s forge a better and more sustainable future,” envisions Jeff.