Taiwan Mobile’s M+ is a One-Stop Shop For Corporate Needs

In an era where digital communication is integral to business success, Taiwan Mobile’s innovative M+ unified communication service is revolutionizing the way enterprises connect. This all-encompassing app provides security, efficiency, and innovation in a landscape where the distinction between public and private matters is increasingly blurred. 

“M+ in its current form is the result of a six-year-long journey for us,” says Chief Business Officer CH Wu of Taiwan Mobile Enterprise Business. “The app started out as a corporate instant messaging app. Then, a couple of years ago, we began working with Cisco on cloud services before we combined features using M+ as a platform. Last year, we added video conference features through M+ Meet, and now we have a complete solution that meets all communication needs.”  

M+ is more than just an Enterprise Instant Messenger – it’s a comprehensive communication solution tailored for the modern business environment. The app’s API allows seamless interaction between various software applications, ensuring a fluid exchange of data and information. With M+, hierarchical communication and management within companies become more effective, bolstered by direct use through browser login that eliminates the hassle of installation and constant IT oversight. 

Chief Business Officer CH Wu of Taiwan Mobile Enterprise Business

A standout feature of M+ is its integration with the user company’s address book, which through cloud updates ensures that contact information is always current and accessible. The service also offers integration between desktop and mobile devices. When there is an incoming voice call, both the desktop and mobile devices will ring simultaneously, ensuring that every important call is answered. It guarantees that each important call is tracked, recorded, and never overlooked. 

In an age where work-life balance is crucial, M+ provides a clear demarcation between professional and personal life, ensuring employees can maintain their privacy after working hours. 

“For small and medium businesses, employers can contribute to establishing a healthy workplace and communication environment,” says Wu. “The M+ Enterprise Operator features enables people to receive calls when they are not in the office. This will help employees avoid using personal social media for work-related matters.” 

In this aspect, Taiwan Mobile is walking the walk – the company has set out a goal of having employees spend 50% of their hours working from home. “Achieving this goal will depend on whether we create an inducive environment,” says Wu. “And M+ is one of the key components of making this happen.” 

The feature providing instant notifications of urgent documents has been a boon for the healthcare sector, offering hospital-specific enterprise account for real-time, crucial medical information dissemination. In the digital finance sector, life insurance companies like Fubon Life Insurance and Taiwan Life Insurance leverage M+ for two-way video underwriting services, significantly enhancing the policyholder experience. 

“Because of the streamlined and customizable features of the app, it works for a wide range of industries and company sizes,” says Wu. “That’s why our customers range from SMEs to multinationals, as well as complicated institutions such as banks and hospitals.” 

Large enterprises commonly focus on information system integration and face unique challenges that come with multi-site locations. For these enterprises, the instant message voice or video conferencing features and a fully integrated platform are essential aspects of increasing productivity.  

For these companies, the M+ voice function is a standout feature. It can be combined with existing switches, turning mobile phones into extensions. This flexibility ensures that important calls are not missed, regardless of an employee’s location. 

Meanwhile, SMEs have fewer employees and need hands-on, easy-to-use applications. For these customers, a cost-effective service that reduces their CapEx spending is a priority, which is why they particularly appreciate the flexibility and cost-saving aspects of M+.  

By using M+ Enterprise Operator, companies can easily manage office changes or expansions without worrying about physical switchboard equipment. Storing data centrally and removing switchboards will also improve companies’ environmental performance – for a 400-person company, M+ Enterprise Operator can reduce carbon emissions by around 30 tons per year.  

Recent data leak incidents in Taiwan highlight the importance of having a secure, company-specific communication tool. One key advantage that benefits all M+ customers is the app’s high level of security – information is managed through Taiwan Mobile’s data center, ensuring that all data is stored domestically within a telecom-grade security center. 

Looking forward, Wu says Taiwan Mobile plans to integrate Generative AI in addition to voice recognition technology to unlock more potential among users of M+.  

“Gen AI enables real-time voice text conversion, multi-language translation, and new avenue features for products,” he says. “We’re excited about implementing more innovative features enabling companies to spend their time on what they’re good at without having to worry about communication issues.”