Regent Taipei’s Robin’s Steakhouse Unveils its “King-Sized American Bone-In Short Rib” A 30-Centimeter-Long Grilled Tender Goodness!   

Regent Taipei, renowned for its bone-in rib-eye steaks, proudly introduces the “King-Sized American Bone-In Short Rib” available at our second-floor Robin’s Steakhouse. This special cut, measuring a staggering 30-centimeters, weighing a whopping 36 ounces, is presented by slicing along the rib to showcase the steak’s rich marbling and succulent texture. Cooked with high-temperature charcoal grilling, it simultaneously delivers a crispy bone and the most tender meat. Priced at NT$8,800 for two, the set includes soups, Robin’s fresh salad bar, and a vibrant dessert bar. 

For bone-in steaks, the charred bone with attached meat is often the most flavorful and sought-after part. Distinct from common cross-cut presentations, the “King-Sized American Bone-In Short Rib” is presented in a straight-cut approach, ensuring that the 30-centimeter-long bone is connected with the complete tendons and steak, providing a satisfyingly chewy experience. 

Chef Tsai, head chef of Robin’s Steakhouse, highlights the intense flame grilling for the bone and tendons to achieve the desired chewy and crispy texture. The thick steak connected to the bone undergoes repeated high-temperature charcoal grilling and resting, showcasing the ultimate crispy exterior and tender interior. 

In addition to the new dish, Chef Tsai presents three side dishes and four appetizers for guests to choose from. Choices include French oysters with lemon, and the chef’s special “Rockefeller Grilled Oysters,” featuring plump oysters covered with crispy bacon bits fried in butter, then topped with spinach, watercress, parsley, celery, and Tabasco sauce to create a spicy sauce. It is then coated and baked with Cheddar cheese for a rich and fragrant aroma. New appetizers include “New Orleans Corn on the Cob” and “American Crab Cake.” The first features sweet fruit corn that is air-dried then deep-fried until golden brown, then coated with Isigny salted butter and American spice powder. The latter features a patty made with blue diamond crab meat mixed with mashed potatoes, onions, sriracha sauce, coated in breadcrumbs, and fried until golden brown, offering a burst of freshness enhanced by our classic tartar sauce. Don’t miss out on this ultimate feast! 

Robin’s Steakhouse unveils the “King-Sized American Bone-In Short Rib” along with new dishes, including choices such as “Hokkaido Scallop with Buttered Cauliflower,” “Grilled Prawns with Caviar,” and “Crispy Onion Rings,” each priced from NT$380, with limited daily availability until sold out. 

The above prices are subject to 10% service charge. 

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