Howard Group 2024 Wine and Dine – Food and Beverage Promotion 

The Howard Plaza Hotel is a five-star chain hotel brand in Taiwan. It has multiple locations, from northern business hotels to southern leisure resorts. The hotel group offerings around the island include not only business hotels and leisure hotels but also long-term business residences for extended stays.  

Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei 

Chef de Cuisine of Formosa Chen Guan-ming was newly promoted in the summer of 2023. He brings a new atmosphere to Formosa in Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, which is moving into its 40th year of history.  

Chef Chen grew up in Pingtung County, embodying the boldness and generosity typical of southern individuals. In 2012, he joined Taipei’s Howard Plaza Hotel, where he apprenticed under Master Wang Yong-zhong until this summer when he finally had the opportunity to showcase his talents. Chen inherited traditional techniques, knowledge, and passion for Taiwanese cuisine from his mentor, but he also introduced new cooking skills and innovative ideas. Being a lover of island-hopping, he seizes every chance to travel and get to know local farmers, restaurant chefs, and cultures.  

Chef de Cuisine of Formosa Chen Guan-ming

Bringing back his treasures to Howard Plaza Hotel in Taipei, he passionately crafts classic Taiwanese dishes infused with his unique touch. With passion and obsessiveness about Taiwanese cuisine, he is actively promoting Taiwan’s local classic dishes, aiming to ensure that every Taiwanese generation can continue to savor the most authentic, traditional, and storied Taiwanese home-style cuisine. This includes the promotion of local delicacies from Penghu.  

At Howard Taipei, you can enjoy the traditional Penghu Loofah in Giant Clam Shell, Steam Grouper Rolls with Penghu Pickled Cabbage Soup, and the Pan-fried Oyster Vermicelli with Penghu Pickled Vegetables, as well as other signature dishes from Penghu! The Penghu Seafood Feast at Formosa by Chef Chen, in which you not only taste authentic Penghu dishes but also feel the culture behind each of the dishes from the table menu of 10. A special promotion is available until March 30, 2024, bringing families and friends together to celebrate the love of Taiwanese cuisine.  

Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung 

Begin your culinary exploration in Pearl River of Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung in the sunshine of southern Taiwan. You can taste all kinds of authentic Cantonese cuisine created by our chefs at the Pearl River restaurant. One dish you should not miss when visiting Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung is the Chao Lu Xian Su Ya, consisting of braised and fried duck. The Chao Lu Xian Su Ya combines the unique techniques of Chaozhou-style braising and deep frying, presenting diners with a feast of texture and flavor. This delicacy represents the exceptional skill of Chaozhou culinary artistry while also reflecting the rich culinary culture of southern China. Taking a bite of Chao Lu Xian Su Ya is like experiencing the exclusive and delicious flavors of the Chaozhou region, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to savor the culinary delights of Taiwan. At Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung, the Smile One hotpot restaurant on the 30th floor offers both stunning views and a luxurious hotpot experience in Kaohsiung. The seafood featured on the menu is sourced directly from the Cianjhen Fishing Port in Kaohsiung. Another popular item is the fresh and juicy Surf & Turf. 

Howard Beach Resort Kenting  

The Howard Plaza Hotel Kenting has long been the top choice for major companies holding banquets in Taiwan’s south. Its classic Taiwanese cuisine offers a rich and delicious taste, with each dish capturing the essence of culinary flavors. The hotel’s braised beef noodles are especially a must-try for food enthusiasts who visit the hotel, representing a delicious flavor that satisfies cravings. The braised Beef Noodles are made using the beef brisket, stewed with Chinese herbs until tender. The dish is then enhanced with a broth made from pre-roasted and stewed beef bones, enriched with essential vegetables. Its essence is derived from locally sourced Hengchun green onions and a blend of carefully selected fruits and vegetables. Not only do the noodles absorb the flavors, maintaining their elasticity, but the meat is also tender and succulent. The broth is rich, sweet, and flavorful, creating a delicious and lingering taste. With its affordable price, this dish has become a favorite among food enthusiasts, attracting them to revisit Kenting for another taste of this delectable beef noodle dish.