ViewSonic Steps up Taiwan R&D for EdTech and More

ViewSonic COO Bonny Cheng receiving the Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2023 Award and the Digital Transformation Award.

Best known for its world-leading line of visual displays and computer monitors, ViewSonic has been busy meeting customer needs by transforming into a total solutions provider, covering hardware, software, and services. While its strengths have been focused on the education sector, the company is now turning to other markets in the corporate and creative worlds. 

“Life always brings a different route,” Chief Operating Officer Bonny Cheng muses as she summarizes ViewSonic’s transition from devices to total solutions, as well as her own career path from audiology and pathology to more than two decades at ViewSonic.  

Founded in 1987 in California by a Taiwanese American, the company’s early mover advantage centered around the belief that screens on top of desks would get larger but that the hardware below the desk would get smaller. The company’s hunch was right, and it became a prominent player in the monitor and visual display products for the next two decades.  

Realizing that as competition increased and margins decreased in its traditional hardware markets, ViewSonic began developing value-added services, including dedicated software and training programs designed to help its customers excel at their work in the new digital age. “As a business, you either have to grow geographically into new markets or expand your product line,” says Cheng. ViewSonic did both and has been very successful in the EdTech space. 

“Education is a really exciting industry to be a part of, and there is a lot of goodwill and willingness to learn new skills,” Cheng explains. The move was also popular amongst employees, as they felt that the company’s services contributed to society and that their work mattered.  

Industry recognition has followed, as HR Asia magazine awarded ViewSonic with its Digital Transformation Award for 2023 and Harvard Business Review awarded it “Business Model Transformation” and ESG Special Awards in 2022, praising the company for its outstanding digital transformation efforts, both in internal employee engagement and for the society, especially in the education and visual solution industries.

ViewSonic celebrates the 20th anniversary of its R&D center in Taiwan, stepping up software and AI development for customers worldwide.

By working closely with educators, government, and educational institutions, the company has assisted in the digital transformation of education systems worldwide and helped countless students reach their full potential.  

“Kids need to be active learners and be given tools to keep them engaged and interested in the classroom,” says Cheng. “We hope we can continue to play a small part in those efforts.” 

ViewSonic’s research and development expertise has helped the company stay ahead in its target markets. The company now has almost 600 employees at its Taiwan location and is celebrating 20 years of the R&D center here.  

“Taiwan is an excellent place for us – it is a critical contributor to the ICT industry,” says Cheng. Taiwan’s well-trained talent pool, high-quality education, and strong connections to supply chains in the region make it an attractive place to develop new technology. 

Again, realizing a trend before most people, ViewSonic began introducing AI into its hardware four or five years ago – helping educators monitor engagement, predict outcomes, and support students. Now, the company is working with generative AI to offer compelling, personalized adaptive learning tools and taking what it’s learned in Taiwan to other markets in the region and around the world.  

There is also a suite of visual solutions for the corporate world, from traditional desktop offerings to those tailored for flexible workspaces, remote working, conferencing tools, and visual display systems. Providing end-to-end solutions, including training and support, promises compelling one-stop solutions for modern enterprises.   

When asked what’s next for the company, Cheng’s eyes brightened. ViewSonic has through experience and care for its customers, honed a deep understanding of the education market and is working on delivering even more value vertically by creating assessment tools and integrating AI into its services to help personalize the learning process. Another exciting opportunity is tailoring its products and services to meet the demands of corporate and professionals. For example, in the creative industry, the company is dedicated to empowering creators with cutting-edge solutions and fostering a community that inspires the next generation of graphic designers and digital artists.