Spring LHH Takes Talent to the Next Level

In a fast-changing job market characterized by fierce competition for talent and the inherent challenges of acquisition, employers and job seekers find themselves in need of robust support for recruitment, skills enhancement, and smooth role transitions. To meet the needs of companies and talent from a wide range of industries, Spring LHH (Spring Professional) has set together a comprehensive set of services that facilitate success.  

As part of the Adecco Group – the world’s largest HR consultancy company – Spring LHH is committed to becoming Taiwan’s best technology talent recruitment and talent solutions team. Through the provision of high-quality streamlined consultancy services, Spring LHH addresses the obstacles associated with sourcing technology talent and fostering sustainable growth. The company serves both employers and employees along their individual paths, providing expertise at each stage of their respective trajectories. 

Spring LHH’s focus areas encompass recruitment, outplacement, and career and leadership coaching. Harnessing the knowledge of its experienced recruiters, the company works to meet employers’ hiring needs in a wide array of sectors, including software, IT, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management.   

“We focus heavily on accumulating consultants with technological know-how or the ability to manage a steep learning curve so they can accurately assess skilled workers and understand complicated job descriptions,” says Isaac Liang, country head of Spring LHH Taiwan.  

(Left to right) Jennifer Yeh – Sr. Client Relationship Manager, LHH Taiwan, Isaac Liang – Country Head, Spring/LHH Taiwan, Ally Hsieh – Director of SW/IT BU, Recruitment Solutions, Spring/LHH Taiwan.

As the company sets its sights on expansion, Spring LHH already holds the distinction of being Taiwan’s largest technology recruitment company. Liang notes that openness to contemporary work solutions, such as the flexibility to work from home for three days per week, has proven instrumental in attracting a cohort of exceptionally skilled talent. Additionally, utilizing the ecosystem between Adecco and Spring LHH enables the two entities to create greater synergy and all-encompassing services.  

Spring LHH’s outplacement business includes consultancy services and career transition coaching for employees that have been let go due to downsizing or other strategic corporate changes. The company works with local branches to execute layoffs and provide seamless transitioning services under its Employee Assistance Program.  

“We invite senior coaches with extensive experience to provide advice on resume writing, job interview techniques, and transitions into starting a business or entering retirement,” says Liang. The first step, however, is to help displayed employees regain confidence and determine what future moves are best suited for each individual. “Regardless of whether you want a new job or a life change, we’re there to help you succeed.” 

Finally, Spring LHH provides coaching and training to mid- and senior-level managers, aiding them in refining their leadership skills. The company works extensively with one-on-one and multiple-day group coaching sessions to help managers upskill or reskill.   

“We’ve found that many large companies have several branches in Taiwan with managers who aren’t too familiar with each other, so we put them together for knowledge-sharing and teambuilding activities,” Liang says. He adds that by hiring a third party to facilitate discussions, companies are able to explore ideas and approaches with new perspectives. “We’ve seen many cases where these types of activities have led to improved work environments and ideas for new products or services.” 

For first-time and mid-level managers, Spring LHH provides targeted coaching in areas such as management strategies, influential leadership, and empowerment, nurturing the development of impactful leadership mindsets.  

“We have many different types of modules in our portfolio,” says Liang. “This versatileness enables our coaches to use agile and versatile approaches to help first-time managers build skillsets that will lead their teams to success.”  

By cultivating collaborative networks, nurturing expertise, and embracing innovative approaches, Spring LHH meticulously lays the groundwork for employers and talent to seize opportunities and flourish amid challenges. Spring LHH does more than just provide services – it meticulously crafts transformative journeys, ensuring that each step taken is a step toward growth, empowerment, and the realization of inherent potential.