Pfizer Raises the Bar on DEI

As a global biopharmaceutical giant, Pfizer is committed to its objective of serving patients’ needs through pharmaceutical innovations and scientific breakthroughs. To achieve this objective, Pfizer recognizes the importance of capturing the best talent and to empower and support its people throughout their careers with Pfizer. A key component of Pfizer’s employee empowerment and support program is the investment and implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion programs (“DEI”) in all its offices around the globe.  

In Taiwan, Pfizer Taiwan established a Women’s Resource Group in 2017, focusing on improving the demographics of its leadership team. Through activities such as reading groups, active mentoring and professional development support programs, in six years since the implementation of the Women’s Resource Group, Pfizer Taiwan increased the percentage of women in leadership roles from 28% to 50%.  

In 2022, the Women’s Resource Group transformed into the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council (“DEI Council”) to strengthen Pfizer’s core values and recognition of the importance of valuing career development across its entire workforce. This name was nominated and voted on collectively by all colleagues, reinforcing the core value of an inclusive work environment. 

Embracing the spirit of diversity, the DEI Council members were represented and made up of a mix of nationalities, genders, generations, regions and departments. The DEI Council’s major focus areas for 2023 are colleagues, patients and society which was decided by a company-wide poll. 

The DEI Council holds regular company-wide events that promotes the importance of an inclusive culture and cultivating diverse team collaboration experiences. These DEI events are conducive in creating a safe workplace environment where colleagues are able to speak up and engage in healthy, constructive discussions – even when their opinions defer from the majority. Furthermore, through DEI events and continuous corporate training, supervisors are encouraged to support their teams to innovate, experiment and allow for trial and error, gradually establishing a safe and inclusive workplace. 

An inclusive and safe workplace environment can increase colleague confidence to think and perform “outside of the box”, such as moving across departments rather than focusing only on vertical career progression. In Pfizer Taiwan, one such example is its Legal Director who seconded to become a Patient Health Impact and External Affairs Lead, interacting with patients and external stakeholders and managing access and hospital accounts. In doing so, the Legal Director gained invaluable experience and insight into how the commercial side operated and such skills could be leveraged in an even more senior position where a good grasp of all the company’s moving parts would be an asset.  

Supporting colleagues in finding harmony between family life and career development is equally important at Pfizer. In Taiwan, since 2021, the company has implemented policies that go beyond Taiwan’s employment laws and regulatory requirements. For example, Pfizer Taiwan offers up to 60 days of childcare related leaves for new parents within the first year of birth or adoption. Recognizing that family support serves as a significant driver for performance, Pfizer Taiwan’s Taipei office was recently opened for a bring-your-family event, allowing friends and family of colleagues to tour the office and to interact with each colleague which enhances their sense of belonging and pride in the company. 

Pfizer’s global DEI culture is further extended to patients and society. For patients, Pfizer Taiwan holds an annual “Patient in Focus Week” every October. During this week, Pfizer Taiwan invites patient group representatives to share their experiences while colleagues share their involvement in caring for patients, fostering empathy, and reminding colleagues of their mission to bring in “breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”. 

Pfizer also demonstrates social responsibility through community activities. Since 2013, Pfizer Taiwan has engaged with the Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, participating in events and services for elderly individuals living alone, such as, having a year-end gathering, painting lanterns and other interactive and inclusive activities. Pfizer colleagues accompany those with mobility challenges and help them complete routine tasks, such as, assisting them with grocery shopping in preparation for Lunar New Year celebrations. Pfizer Taiwan has also organized community walks for elderly individuals with dementia to raise awareness about issues faced by older members of our society. 

Pfizer’s global DEI culture and its members are continuously looking at ways to enhance the company’s spirit of diversity, equity, and inclusion and locally, Pfizer Taiwan’s DEI Council will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and contribute to promoting not only DEI in the workplace but also to look at ways in improving its impact across Taiwanese society.