J&J Janssen and MedTech: Advancing Healthcare Innovation, Together 

Eisuke Yamamoto, General Manager of J&J MedTech Taiwan. (left) Miyuki Ogushi, Managing Director of Janssen Taiwan, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. (right)

Johnson & Johnson has delivered transformative medicines and solutions to patients for more than 130 years. With dynamic strengths in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, the family of companies keeps playing a critical role in helping generations of people live healthier lives.   

“Healthcare innovation is blurring the lines between pharmaceuticals and medical technology,” says Miyuki Ogushi, Managing Director of Janssen Taiwan, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. “This realization sparked a dialogue on how we could amplify our collaboration and find multifaceted solutions to current and future healthcare challenges based on our innovations.”  

The essence of Johnson & Johnson’s ethos is embodied in its DNA: “Caring” for patients and each other, “Building” people’s growth and development, and being “Inclusive.” With these guiding principles at heart, Janssen and J&J MedTech have harnessed their collective prowess to redefine possibilities for helping patients today and tomorrow. 

MedTech’s evolution from a conventional medical devices company to a dynamic entity driving comprehensive medical solutions mirrors this changing landscape, as shown in its new branding from medical devices to MedTech. “The industry is undergoing a paradigm shift, driven by data and innovative solutions,” says Eisuke Yamamoto, General Manager of J&J MedTech Taiwan. “This has prompted us to harness digital data to empower patients.”  

Eisuke Yamamoto, General Manager of J&J MedTech Taiwan.

Guided by its commitment to patient welfare, J&J MedTech leverages smart technology to chart and enhance the patient journey, amplifying access to treatment avenues. One of the areas MedTech applies its innovative approach to is robotic-assisted surgical solutions, where data is leveraged throughout the process which has the potential to change how data can play in enhancing outcomes and physician training. Now, the company is delving into collaborations with the regulatory reimbursement framework to forge a path for integrating revolutionary medical solutions.  

“We strongly encourage the adoption of new technological developments and services in Taiwan,” says Eisuke. “Taiwan has the potential to be at the forefront of medical innovation, and we want to aid in that process.”  

While the medical technology section finds innovative and data-driven solutions, the pharmaceutical side is set on delivering transformational medicines to millions of patients globally each year. 

“Our mission is to create a future where disease is a thing of the past,” says Miyuki. Bolstered by its vision to eradicate disease, Janssen is pioneering novel solutions across an array of conditions, from schizophrenia, oncology, immunology, infectious disease, and rare diseases such as pulmonary hypertension. Janssen’s recent introduction of groundbreaking medications for lung cancer patients with rare mutations and patients with blood cancer is a recent success story that underscores the company’s dedication to making every fleeting moment count in healthcare.  

“We’d like to transform cancer into a preventable and chronic disease through the development of therapeutic alternatives that extend and improve the quality of life of the patients,” says Miyuki. 

Janssen is also working with government, industry, and academia to bring more effective healthcare solutions to Taiwan. Miyuki commends the Taiwan government’s dedication to uplifting those grappling with mental health challenges and stresses the need to increase investment in effective healthcare solutions.  

“Every minute matters,” says Miyuki. “We want to accelerate the introduction of the best possible innovative solutions to Taiwan, and we hope that healthcare can be viewed as an investment that improves society rather than a cost.” 

For its part, Johnson & Johnson works with innovators by providing a robust exchange of ideas and resources to support their success. Recognizing that innovation occurs in diverse environments where employees feel empowered, the corporation has established several employee resource groups that work to provide all employees, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability, with a sense of belonging and agency. 

Miyuki Ogushi, Managing Director of Janssen Taiwan, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Johnson & Johnson means we all belong,” says Eisuke. “Our vision is for every person to use their unique experiences, abilities, and backgrounds together – to spark solutions that create a better, healthier world.” In Taiwan, both Janssen and MedTech have strong and diverse management teams leading by example.  

Looking to the future, Janssen and J&J MedTech persist in reshaping the healthcare landscape and fostering a world where innovation and compassion converge naturally. The ultimate aim is to help Taiwan grow as a hub for innovation and health. 

“By working together to bring more clinical development projects into Taiwan, we’d like to build healthier communities and put a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach for people in Taiwan,” says Miyuki. “We always remind ourselves that we should never stop working because the patients are waiting – just as our founder Dr. Paul Janssen said.”