Herbalife: Empowering Food and Nutrition Academia

Stella Tsai, three scholarship winners, and Distinguished Professor MH Pan at NTU’s Herbalife Nutrition Scholarship Establishment and Award Ceremony.

In a world where food and nutrition are evolving at lightning speed, Herbalife is steadfast in its dedication to supporting the academic realm that fuels our understanding of this critical field.  

A significant stride in creating greater understanding is the recent “Herbalife Nutrition Scholarship Establishment and Award Ceremony,” which took place on May 31 at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University (NTU). This scholarship, designed to recognize exceptional graduate students from the Institute, signifies Herbalife’s long-term commitment to fostering excellence in food science and technology research.  

The ceremony, which was attended by Director Dr. Min-Hsiung Pan from NTU’s Institute of Food Science and Technology as well as Herbalife North Asia Vice President Stella Tsai, culminated in the formal signing of the Herbalife Nutrition Scholarship agreement. This pact underscores the intention to sustain and further the scholarship initiative. 

In her address at the award ceremony, Stella expressed the significance of this occasion as the first instance where Herbalife lent its name to a scholarship in Taiwan. This partnership, dedicated to the Institute of Food Science and Technology at NTU, aligns seamlessly with Herbalife’s philosophy of offering first-class nutritional supplements to the public.  

The convergence of values between Herbalife and the Institute resonates deeply, further emphasized by the scholarship’s role in encouraging students to engage in academic research in food science and technology. The collaboration, overseen by Dr. Pan, Stella, and Alex Lin, president of the Alumni Association of the Institute of Food Science and Technology, stands as a model of a productive industry-university partnership. 

This initiative unfolds within the context of the Ministry of Education’s Precision Health Cross-disciplinary Talent Cultivation Program. The strategic alignment underlines Herbalife’s commitment to fostering a comprehensive understanding of nutrition food and the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry, serving as a cornerstone of its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) endeavors.  

Dr. Simon Sum and Alex Lin’s lectures on “Precision Health and Personalized Nutrition” at NTU.

Likewise, Herbalife’s governance refinement extends to its support of the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration’s (TFDA) Nutrient Function Claim expansion, bolsters product marketing and advertising aligned with its ESG goals. Herbalife’s internship opportunity for two graduate students at NTU’s Institute of Food Science and Technology is a critical conduit for achieving these goals. Through the program, interns gain hands-on experience in government, regulatory, and scientific affairs, equipping them with multifaceted skills essential for advancing their master thesis research. 

This collaboration further manifests in Herbalife’s lectureship role within the NTU Institute of Food Science and Technology’s Food Innovation and Personalized Nutrition course. As a testament to Herbalife’s commitment to robust and up-to-date education, the lectureship enriches students with insights into cutting-edge developments and practices in the field. 

Dr. Chin-Kun Wang, distinguished professor at Chung Shan Medical University and a member of Herbalife’s Nutrition Advisory Board, further exemplifies Herbalife’s dedication to working with world-class scientists to foster dialogue and contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge. For his contributions to the field, Dr. Wang was awarded as a Fellow at the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). The IFT Fellow designation is an honor bestowed upon an IFT member by their peers to recognize career excellence and significant service, leadership, and contributions to IFT and the profession. 

Beyond the immediate impact on academia, Herbalife’s collaboration aligns seamlessly with Taiwan’s long-term goals for population health. The Ministry of Education’s Training Program for Interdisciplinary Talents of Precision Health, supported by Herbalife, crystallizes this vision by fostering talent to help Taiwan reach its economic and industrial development objectives. This plan converges with Herbalife’s intent to support a precision health industry chain that can further health for all. 

Herbalife’s cooperation with NTU’s Institute of Food Science and Technology represents a potent avenue for talent cultivation, emphasizing diverse domains and fostering expertise in critical areas such as digital technology. The collaboration underscores the importance of a robust industry-university partnership to drive progress and innovation. By championing this initiative, Herbalife plays an important role in nurturing a new generation of professionals armed with entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills poised to shape the future of precision health in Taiwan.