Welcoming Patrick Lin

In a time of transformative change, AmCham Taiwan embraces a new chapter under the leadership of Patrick P. Lin as the Chamber’s President. With his proven track record in fostering economic growth and spurring innovation, Lin’s appointment heralds a promising future for the organization and its members. 

Lin’s illustrious career spans technology startups, multinational corporations, and government roles across Asia and the United States. He’s been a leader at the forefront of innovation as a successful serial entrepreneur and as an executive at Ford, where he led the automaker’s autonomous driving division in Asia.  

Notably, Lin’s contributions extend beyond the corporate realm. As a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, he spearheaded policy and transformative projects at agencies like NASA and the Department of Transportation. With graduate studies at MIT as an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow and an undergraduate degree from the University of California (Berkeley and San Diego), Lin’s academic prowess further enhances his competence in driving impactful change. 

Reflecting on his appointment, Lin expressed immense honor and a deep sense of purpose upon returning to Taiwan to lead its most influential business organization. As a former Chamber representative for Lion Group and member of the Travel and Tourism Committee, Lin is no stranger to the Chamber and recognizes its important role in the business community.  

Acknowledging Taiwan’s remarkable achievements in innovation, trade, and democratic governance on the global stage, Lin vows to lead AmCham in promoting dynamic relations between American and Taiwanese businesses and advocating for Taiwan’s indispensable role globally.  

In connection with announcing the appointment, AmCham Chairperson Vincent Shih remarked that Lin’s presidency would champion the interests of the Chamber’s diverse membership, facilitating stronger cooperation among American, Taiwanese, and global businesses, governments, and communities. Together, Lin and the Chamber aspire to foster an environment of collaboration, fuel economic growth, and exemplify Taiwan as a model of success. 

The Chamber also extends its heartfelt gratitude to Amy Chang for her outstanding stewardship as interim President during AmCham’s six-month search for a new leader. Chang’s significant contributions during her tenure were exemplary, and the Chamber is happy to announce that she will continue to serve AmCham as Senior Advisor on Sustainability. 

As the torch is passed to Patrick P. Lin, TOPICS and AmCham eagerly anticipate his leadership in advancing the interests of its members, fostering U.S.-Taiwan economic relations, and elevating Taiwan’s stature on the global stage. With Lin at the helm, AmCham embarks on a promising and transformative journey while remaining committed to shaping a dynamic and prosperous future for all stakeholders. 

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