Luminaries are Among Us

When Jacky, a passionate entrepreneur in his thirties, talks about his innovative upcycled charcoal and his sustainable carpentry training camp, his eyes light up with enthusiasm. The same level of intensity and excitement is evident when you encounter Michael, the 70-something chairman of Taiwan’s leading inkjet producer and owner of many patented inventions. You can spot a sparkle in his eyes when he shares his latest breakthrough in clean-air solutions.      

These remarkable individuals possess qualities and characteristics that are truly exceptional, making them easily recognizable as luminaries. You must have encountered such individuals before and experienced their unique presence firsthand. And you can rest assured – they are not a dying breed; luminaries are among us.  

During my time as AmCham Taiwan President, I have had the privilege of working with many illuminating leaders like yourself. It is your unwavering commitment and inspiring guidance that have motivated me to seek new heights and encouraged me to add distinction to my own and others’ work. 

Through our recently launched initiative, the AmCham ESG Co-Learning Program, you had the foresight to set new milestones for the Chamber. Together, we’ve successfully held our first mentorship session, constructively opening a free flow of ideas between large and small companies. In the coming months, we plan to host a series of ESG best practice sharing sessions during mayoral visits in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Taipei with the goal of engaging local governments.  

We are building something new and meaningful. Brick by brick, we are amplifying members’ ESG achievements and establishing synergy between the Taiwan government and local businesses. Project by project, we are becoming the international platform that puts Taiwan’s ESG efforts on the map. We are constructing a future where sustainability, social responsibility, and good governance are at the forefront. 

In the realm of industry and issue advocacy, you bring to life a two-pronged approach to government engagement by advocating for overarching high-level issues across membership while also addressing industry-specific concerns. You stand to support many fundamental and critical points, such as calling for swift implementation of agreements under the U.S.-Taiwan Initiative on 21st-Century Trade, asking for solid enforcement of good regulatory governance, and advocating for the signing of a U.S.-Taiwan double taxation avoidance agreement.   

You pave the way in networking by hosting the first Cancer Summit, creating a platform for multilevel in-depth dialogue between the U.S., UK, and Taiwan governments and private sectors, fostering opportunities for future scientific exchanges and partnerships. Through every new path we embark on, you lead by example and showcase how public-private partnerships can unite communities and drive progress for all.          

Our in-house luminaries are the ones who take action to support ideas and manage administrative details at large events such as our Hsieh Nien Fan banquet and intimate gatherings like committee meetings. You are my partners in ensuring every choreographed detail unfolds as planned, place cards are appropriately set, meals are served warm, water glasses are full, and guests leave with genuine smiles. You are my thoughtful colleagues who expeditiously record members’ happy and memorable moments and commemorate the lessons learned and inspirations to be shared with others.     

You are my teammates who help shape and strengthen our communication with internal and external stakeholders. You are the ones who, before the White Paper was sent to print, sat silently side by side and in great concentration to double and triple-check the spelling and the meaning of every reference and word used, safeguarding the integrity and principles that AmCham has proudly upheld for the past 27 years in issuing this most well-read advocacy document.   

Above all, I owe my gratitude to the AmCham team of experts in admin and human capital, membership, marketing and events, publications and communications, and government and public affairs as you teach me the meaning of teammate and the significance of people first. When a young intern or contractor joins our daily work, you make every effort to mentor, train, and care for these young minds. You generously offer knowledge, skills, and career advice that will no doubt stay with them for a lifetime.  

Thank you, all luminaries. Thank you for giving me this unforgettable, most rewarding opportunity to work with you and serve you. You are not only an indispensable part of the AmCham family and the future of Taiwan but also an important part of my world. Thank you!