Novo Nordisk, Driving Change for Generations

Since 1923, Novo Nordisk has been committed to driving change for better health. The company has a continued focus on patients today and future generations. 2023 marks the corporate 100th anniversary. At this milestone year, the company is renewing its commitment to these health-driving values, whilst staying true to its Scandinavian heritage. Novo Nordisk continues to be curious, humble, and respectful whilst tackling some of the biggest threats to human health and prosperity.  

“At Novo Nordisk, we transform scientific ideas into lifesaving medicines and treatment solutions,” confirms Steve Profit, general manager of Novo Nordisk Taiwan. “Innovation, perseverance, and determination have characterized our past and will define our future.” 

In 2022, 36.3 million individuals worldwide used Novo Nordisk diabetes treatments.1 The company has developed a range of treatments, which include rapid to long-acting insulins, GLP-1 and oral antidiabetic agents. These treatments enable a wide choice of convenient medications for optimized treatment and provide people living with diabetes with better lifestyle flexibility than previous medications.  

“Novo Nordisk has been at the forefront of evolving treatments for patients living with diabetes over the past 100 years,” explains Steve Profit. “Now, we are moving towards personalized treatments that fit patients’ individual needs and circumstances. Our mission is to defeat diabetes, and with the rate of advancements in this field, we believe we will get there within the foreseeable future.”  

Novo Nordisk is also addressing the healthcare challenge of obesity, which the World Health Organization describes as “an issue of epidemic proportions”. The 2020 data presented in the World Obesity Atlas 2023 indicates that globally there are 988 million people living with obesity, which includes 175 million children and adolescents.2 In Taiwan, 50.3% of population aged 18 and over face the challenge of overweight or obesity.3 Which is linked to multiple health complications, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. 

“Obesity poses a huge health challenge to patients, their families, and Taiwanese society,” clarifies Steve Profit. “People with obesity have often been blamed for the condition. However, obesity is a complex chronic disease that is influenced by genetic, physiological, psychological, environmental, and socio-economic factors.”  

Novo Nordisk is proud of its anti-obesity medication achievements. For example, its medication for adult and adolescent weight management has already helped around 50,000 patients in Taiwan. In Taiwan, Novo Nordisk is recognized as a leader, receiving the Taiwan National Innovation Award and in February 2023, Novo Nordisk Taiwan received approval for the first once-weekly medicine for weight management. 

Recognizing that medicines alone cannot solve the challenges posed by diabetes and obesity, Novo Nordisk works in partnerships across the globe to drive change by promoting a mindset shift targeted at empowering people to change their lifestyles and providing integrated treatment solutions wherever possible.  

Novo Nordisk’s investment in breakthrough technologies is also applied to tackle multiple other burdensome chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, chronic kidney disease, fatty liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases. Its continuing development and clinical trial data indicate that our pipeline drugs of the near future will offer hope to millions of new patients. “With this in mind, Novo Nordisk Taiwan is preparing to support and drive forward these initiatives,” elaborates Steve Profit. Investing in breakthrough technologies has led to exciting prospects in areas of high unmet need. For example, the company is entering Phase 3 development for Alzheimer’s disease treatments and advancing the development of life-changing treatments. 

Remaining true to its values of sustainability and inclusivity, Novo Nordisk is committed to giving back to local communities and reaching net-zero carbon emissions across its value chain by 2045. The company was the first in its industry to reach net-zero emissions in its manufacturing and is pioneering a takeback program to recycle pre-filled injection pens used by people living with diabetes and obesity to reduce medical device waste. 

In Taiwan, Novo Nordisk has implemented several programs together with local communities and encourage employees to implement their knowledge and skills in daily life; from the 2021 Yilan’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) football cup, the 2022 marine waste cleaning initiative, to its 2023 campaign goal to support a Taiwanese urban indigenous adolescent boxing team. Novo Nordisk Taiwan operates with the corporate core values, of being a sustainable business, adding value to society and our future business. To achieve this, we strive to do business in a financially, environmentally, and socially responsible way. Its CSR campaigns raise awareness to prevent diabetes, obesity, and other serious chronic diseases, while being respectful to our environment, promoting healthier lifestyle to drive change for generations. 

This year’s “100 Dreams to Dare” theme, connects to the company centennial anniversary and in Taiwan is a long-term supportive program to influence and impact 100 urban-indigenous children and families.  

Looking forward, Novo Nordisk remains committed to promoting healthy lifestyles while investing in breakthrough science that will improve the lives of millions.  

Steve Profit summarizes, “We are driving forward in our company and local mission to bring the most up-to-date scientific technologies, serve local patients, raise public awareness, and enhance health education on how and why we should tackle obesity and diabetes – which will impact health, now and in the future.” 


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