Taiwan Mobile Opens Your World to New Possibilities


Taiwan Mobile is on a journey to become much more than a telecom provider, with a mission to change consumer horizons and maximize experiences by creating a new world of metaverse telecom technology with integrated software and hardware.  

But as digital innovations become increasingly ingrained in our daily lives, a significant problem arises: modern technology is too complex, and customers are faced with a plethora of choices that require vigorous research. 

To tackle the information overload thrust upon customers when upgrading their lives, Taiwan Mobile decided it would develop a new generation of solutions that would save consumers’ time and money. The result was the OP Life – an integrated platform offering a range of services that combine the company’s “Super 5G” strategy and its Open Possible philosophy.  

Lin and his team during a store manager training session.

“To better understand our customers and offer them the ultimate solutions, we devotedly researched their entertainment needs and preferences,” says Taiwan Mobile Vice President & Chief Consumer Business Officer, Tony Lin. “For example, Taiwan Mobile offers a Disney+ package, but if you are watching a show on your phone, you will not enable you to enjoy it fully. And if you want the complete experience in your living room, you need to find the right screen, internet speed, router, soundbar, and services. By connecting the service chain and creating an ecosystem of solutions, we have done that legwork for our customers.” 

The introduction of OP Life allows customers to visit Taiwan Mobile online or in-person and, by answering just a few questions, receive solutions that match their budget and desires. In addition, Taiwan Mobile can offer bundle packages that significantly reduce the costs of the various products and services. To provide the best possible bundles, the company collaborates with enterprises such as Disney+, Nvidia, ASUS, Google Nest, Samsung and momo.  

Taiwan Mobile’s Chinese name – 台灣大哥大, or “Taiwan Big Brother” – is a guiding concept for Lin. Just as a big brother who cares for his siblings, Lin notes that the company’s priority is to take care of consumers’ needs regardless of their level of expertise.  

Lin shot a video to recommend mobile phone products to customers.

“We want customers to enjoy technology to the fullest and at the best rate, even if they don’t know the difference between ARC (Audio Return Channel) and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel ), or if they are unsure whether they need a 60 Hertz or 120 Hertz refresh rate,” says Lin. To achieve this, he adds, Taiwan Mobile stresses the importance of understanding not only technology, but also people.  

Understanding the needs of customers and employees is equally important, notes Lin. “Only by understanding the needs of our users can we find a way for our colleagues to understand why we need to do more, which is why although we are a tech company, we still start from human nature,” he says. 

Indeed, when Lin stepped into his role at Taiwan Mobile, he began by closely examining the company’s brand concept of being optimistic, proactive, and human, and embarked on a mission to better understand his people. 

Leading employees to serve seven million customers better requires unconventional methods – a familiar concept to Lin. Self-described as a computer nerd, Lin became a computer engineer at the age of 13, sold his first computer at age 14, and started his first business at age 15. Lin started his career after finishing his first year of college, and his versatile success – which includes a seven-year stint as the youngest-ever CEO of Aeon Motor – proves that a person’s actions are more important than their formal qualifications. And to Lin, proactivity is paramount to achieving results. 

“My philosophy is to take action before it’s needed,” he says. “ And that’s an important part of Taiwan Mobile, too – proactive action. Our slogan, Open Possible, starts with a movement, and that’s not a coincidence.” 

Lin’s and Taiwan Mobile’s proactivity has enabled the company to offer not only the best possible audio-visual experiences but also to expand into other fields in the future. Through the integration of physical and virtual channels, the user experience and service quality can be lifted to new levels, which is something those other operators cannot yet do. 

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Lin notes that rather than simply delivering unlimited data rate plans,  Taiwan Mobile aims to make its customers happier, more satisfied, and more professional. “I believe that through networks, services, platforms, and content, we can ensure we do our best for every single customer.” he says. 

OP Life will be officially launched in September. Customers are welcome to visit Taiwan Mobile myfone stores (Taiwan Mobile direct stores) to gain the full OP Life experience and learn how a greater range of products and services can enhance their quality of life.