From 0 to 1, TechOrange Offers the Digital Transformation Advice Every Manager Needs

For TechOrange, a subsidiary of Fusionmedium, the COVID-19 pandemic opened up a new avenue of opportunities within digital audiovisual content – but this was not a skill the company accidentally picked up. 

TechOrange’s home is the internet. The platform has an extensive, adaptable library of digital content, including text, podcasts, audiovisual content, and webinar platforms, through which middle and high-level managers can immerse themselves in intelligence and expert views on trends like cloud, information security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI of Things (AIoT), ESG, and Web3.  

According to TechOrange, text is best for exploring in-depth information. Meanwhile, podcasts enable industry authorities and experts to lead their audience and engage community members through longer dialogues. Video and webinar content is suitable to quickly attract attention and share exciting news like product launches, technology analyses, and exclusive interviews with newly appointed senior managers.  

Video is the most effective medium to help senior managers navigate digital transformation and technology trends and provide them with the decision-making authority they need to master the market. For example, suppose a firm wants to share recent AI-immersive upgrades of its factories. In that case, video formatting enables not only shots of the factory, but also animations and supplementary explanations, specifically relaying how machines communicate. Viewers can thus readily understand how concepts like smart factories and AIoT are implemented through real-life cases. 

In addition to highlighting the curatorial power of video and audio editing, TechOrange uses webinar platforms, which gained popularity during the pandemic, as a highly effective tool for disseminating complicated issues. For example, TechOrange’s concept for webinars on new product or technology launches takes on a three-pronged approach: the CEO can analyze market trends and new products and technologies, after which real customers share their experiences. Lastly, their product director goes into further detail about product application. This approach allows community members to learn about industrial upgrading techniques from various angles without time and space constraints. TechOrange also employs live broadcasts to record videos and edit highlights to improve marketing and uses reports to create webinar content. Strategies like these enable exposure growth effects in the hundreds.  

As an Omnimedia company, TechOrange uses a variety of content formats and distribution channels to reach the general public. The company also tracks network data to understand community user feedback, improve content, publicity, and marketing angles, and attract clients from various industries. Using these tools, TechOrange helps mid and senior managers looking to be at the forefront of innovation understand new technologies, useful practices, and decision-making processes that support enterprise upgrades. The company also works to assist businesses looking for partnerships that can help them accurately introduce their products and services to the right audiences.  

Since its launch in 2010, during the industry’s infancy and when only a few internet companies were operating in Taiwan, TechOrange has provided essential daily updates on digital trends to the Chinese-language community members who believed that the internet would fundamentally change Taiwan and the world. More than a decade later, the vision has come true – Taiwan and the world are now online, and TechOrange is constantly shifting the communication paradigm with new media.