Ever Rich Seeks to Fulfill its Duty to Taiwan with Sustainable Shopping

Ever Rich Duty Free’s eco-friendly products exhibit at the POOL was a pop-up activity from 18th Mar to 5th Apr 2022, which serves a popular attraction among city dwellers and environmentally conscious consumers. Located inside the Tainan Art Museum, the natural lighting piercing through the glass provides the perfect ambiance to inspire sustainable coexistence of environment and society.

Ever Rich’s green exhibition features some of the island’s most cutting-edge eco-friendly companies. On display are products such as baggage accessories, apparel, makeup, and other everyday essentials and accessories, which are also offered at Ever Rich’s various locations in Taiwan. Promoting sustainable products is a central part of the duty-free retailer’s endeavor to conserve the environment by motivating customers to lead a greener lifestyle. 

As a travel retail company, Ever Rich Duty Free places importance on minimizing its environmental impact, a value that prompted a recent pledge by the company to reduce its carbon emissions by nine million kilograms in 2022. To achieve this milestone, Ever Rich has introduced three major carbon reduction policies as well as a number of initiatives that reduce the use of plastics, conserve energy, and promote eco-friendly packaging materials. This is done in recognition of the fact that water, electricity, and product packaging account for the majority of retailers’ carbon footprints.

In addition, Ever Rich revamped its shopping paper bags, which are used by millions each year, with remarkable attention to detail. The paper and outer layer filming thickness have both been decreased, environmentally friendly ink with a soybean basis has been employed, and the paper is now 100% recycled and FSC-marked.

Not only reducing its own waste, but also reusing customers’ waste, Ever Rich installed its first smart recycling compound machine in April this year to increase waste recycling while lowering the energy needed for the extraction, transportation, and processing of raw materials. Located on the ground floor of the Ever Rich Neihu flagship shop, the ECOCO Smart Recycling Machine give those wastes new life through redesign or reuse. Those who recycle using the smart machine to earn “green points” on ECOCO APP, which can be used to redeem vouchers and gifts in the Ever Rich Neihu flagship shop and other various locations.

To improve its energy efficiency, Ever Rich has since 2017 installed energy-saving LED lights, inverter air conditioners, and cold-water systems, resulting in increased energy efficiency of nearly 50%. Additionally, the company anticipates that the installation of solar panels will reduce power usage at all pertinent operating sites by at least 10%.

Ever Rich’s sustainability efforts are not limited to the physical realm. When the company joined the metaverse and created an official exclusive NFT distribution platform in April 2022, it also launched a series of NFTs to raise awareness of Taiwan’s endangered species. The designs of this series, which was released on Earth Day this year, are inspired by the Formosan black bear and the Formosan leopard cat, both of which are listed as endangered. All net revenue generated from Ever Rich’s endangered species NFT sales is donated to the Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association and Wild Animal First Aid Station.

“Duty for Taiwan” is Everrich Duty Free’s focus. This is only the beginning of Ever Rich’s vision of creating a new, more sustainable travel shopping experience. With its ESG executive team leading the efforts, the company plans to continue providing customers with unique shopping experiences and offer sustainable offline and online retail experiences in an omnichannel reality.