Coca-Cola Launches bonaqua® in Taiwan as its Flagship Product to Build a “World Without Waste”

Coca-Cola Taiwan launches bonaqua® as its first individual sale label-less bottled water in Taiwan. The locally produced alkaline water offers solutions and alternatives to consumers preferring a more sustainable lifestyle. With reduced plastic material and 100% recyclable bottles, bonaqua® will serve as the flagship product in Taiwan to help build the company’s vision of a “World Without Waste”.

Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste vision focuses on solving problems with packaging management, starting with production that works toward making all of its consumer packaging 100% recyclable globally, and subsequently helping to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sells worldwide by 2030 through partnerships with relevant organizations.”

Jeff Chen, General Manager of Coca-Cola Taiwan

“The launch of bonaqua® is a milestone for Coca-Cola Taiwan to explore sustainable solutions,” says Jeff Chen, General Manager of Coca-Cola Taiwan. Our laser incising technology allows us to highlight product information on the bottle without using plastic labelling – it’s a small step but makes a real difference in reducing packaging materials and enhancing bottle recyclability.” 

By going label-less, bonaqua® is enabling “The Power of Less.” The design and the products’ broader availability allow Taiwan consumers to participate in building a World Without Waste. The effort also echoes bonaqua®’s commitment to sustainable solutions and inspiring more consumers to adopt sustainable lifestyles. “We hope to invite more consumers to share the philosophy of Less is More,” says Jeff. “Alkaline water has been performing strongly in the water segment. With the introduction of bonaqua® in a variety of channels, we want to share our vision of a World Without Waste to the public. Together, let us create a better, more sustainable future.”