Umiak & Trans Power Taiwan’s Infrastructure Development


Umiak Co. & Trans Co.’s histories of construction excellence began in 1962 when their parent company, Sencorp, partnered with General Electric Co. (GE) to build parts of Taiwan’s Ten Major Construction Projects, laying the foundation for what is now known as the Taiwan Miracle. 

Starting from 1976, Umiak Technology Co., Ltd. and Trans International Co. were formed to work on public and private projects in Taiwan. The two companies have been deeply involved in public construction for almost half a century and played a vital role in building the modern Taiwan landscape. Now, they boast project portfolios that include the Taipei World Trade Exhibition Center, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, and Shangri-La’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel. 

Irene Chen, President of Umiak Technology Co., Ltd. and Trans International Co., notes that in providing robust and efficient solutions to clients, the companies’ most important resource is their staff, which consists of both colleagues with decades of experience at the companies and their younger team members. “The senior colleagues provide us with invaluable experience and knowledge, and the junior colleagues join with new energy, ideas, and the latest industry know-how,” she says. “In a way, they represent our efforts to draw from the companies’ accumulated capabilities while finding new and innovative solutions to modern challenges.”

The companies specialize in power transmission and distribution equipment, protection relays, switches, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and busway. Through collaborations with international giants like American companies GE, Vertiv, and Emerson, Japanese Fuji Electric, and Swedish ABB, Umiak Co. & Trans Co. help build structures that stand the test of time.

Simon Chiang, a senior manager at Umiak Co. & Trans Co., emphasizes the companies’ business philosophy of providing “stable, honest, and professional” services to their customers in Taiwan. “Our principle is to take on projects and see them through from beginning to end, regardless of what obstacles arise along the way,” he says. “There is a sense of trust from our customers that’s been built up over the last 50 years; we’ve shown that we don’t cut any corners.” 

As part of their “follow-through, throughout” work ethic, Umiak Co. & Trans Co. provide architects and electrical technicians with comprehensive product information and design options to ensure that the partnership is beneficial to the project. Later, the companies provide engineering contractors, switchboard manufacturers, owners, and other customers with thorough information and technical support during all project stages.

“It’s important to communicate with customers in the early stage of a project to confirm what they want and what we can provide,” says Chen. “We always strive to keep close relations with our clients because we need to know you well to fully understand your needs. In the process, we’ve managed to become more than vendors – we see ourselves as friends and stakeholders that want our partners to succeed.”


For Umiak Co. & Trans Co., follow-through means being present during all stages of a project. Chiang notes the importance of maintaining clear communication with architects and electrical engineers to figure out the design aspects of a project, as well as working with the construction company or panel builder to grasp the scope of the project and being on-site to coordinate and partner with customers to deliver the best possible services.

Chiang adds that training colleagues throughout their careers is another important business pillar. “When a new staff member enters the company, we provide them with product education and training, as well as a mentor,” he says. “For already established staff, we also provide weekly educational seminars for different products – there’s always more to learn.”

These regular training sessions include sending personnel to the companies’ partners to receive the latest technical training. But education is not limited to in-house staff; Umiak Co. & Trans Co. also hold workshops and training sessions with clients to ensure that all involved parties have the necessary knowledge to produce the best possible outcomes.

Looking ahead, Umiak Co. & Trans Co. will continue to focus on helping their partners with growing their portfolios and offering services to companies looking to expand their physical presence in Taiwan. Chen sees many opportunities to be part of expanding Industry 4.0-related projects on the island. “Our products and services are very well aligned with building structures for high-tech industries, and we see that as the perfect opportunity to grow and work with new partners,” she says.