Taiwan Business in Brief – November 2021

Foxconn unveiled three electric vehicle prototypes during its 2021 Hon Hai Tech Day. The EVs are part of Foxconn and Yulon Motor Group's joint venture, Foxtron. Photo: Martti Chen

Hon Hai Unveils First EV Models

At its 2021 Hon Hai Tech Day, Hon Hai Precision Industrial Co. – better known as Foxconn – unveiled three electric vehicle prototypes: The Model C SUV, Model E sedan, and Model T electric bus. The vehicles are part of a new “Foxtron” joint venture between Foxconn and the Yulon Motor Group.

The Model E is a luxury sedan that can travel 750 kilometers on a single charge and accelerate to 100 kph in under three seconds. The Model C electric SUV can travel 700 kilometers on one charge and uses 13.4 kWh for every 100 kilometers, equivalent to NT$0.50 per kilometer, according to the company. The Model T urban bus can travel over 400 kilometers on one battery charge and can reach speeds of 120 kph.

At the event, Foxconn founder Terry Gou expressed the company’s commitment to establishing Taiwan as a key developer of electric vehicles, rooted in its solid domestic electronic manufacturing capabilities. Foxconn also disclosed initiatives to transform the group into a software-driven enterprise, including launching software innovations such as smart gateway, smart cockpit, and smart driving. The company’s automotive industry ambitions are part of its effort to diversify away from contract electronics manufacturing.