Herbalife Nutrition Demonstrates Commitment to Nutrition Education with Citizen’s Health Forum

Herbalife Nutrition is a responsible industry player that stands out for its dedication to health, nutrition, and social responsibility, as well as its work with communities around the world. A global premier nutrition company with operations in more than 90 markets, Herbalife Nutrition has demonstrated time and again that education and the promotion of good nutrition and active lifestyles is just as important as selling high-quality, high-value products.

Globally, Herbalife Nutrition is engaged in multiple different initiatives targeted at eliminating malnutrition and hidden hunger – a kind of undernutrition caused by a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Its “Nutrition for Zero Hunger” campaign, for example, focuses on providing healthy food, aid, and nutrition education to communities around the world.

This year, Herbalife Nutrition Taiwan, in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, held the Citizen’s Health Forum 2021, an event aimed at strengthening the connection between the private sector, academia, and healthcare professionals. Co-organizers included several institutions and organizations from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan, and during the forum, experts in the fields of nutrition, metabolism, life sciences, and medicine presented on a range of topics related to nutrition supplements and healthy active lifestyles. Moderating the event was Dr. Alex Teo, Herbalife Nutrition’s Regional Director of R&D and Scientific Affairs for APAC.

“Through the health symposium, we are promoting the concept that a combination of proper nutrition and active lifestyles, including exercise, will make you feel better and more efficient, thereby optimizing your overall health” says Teo.

“Leveraging the association between industry and healthcare professionals through the Citizen’s Health Forum has also lent credibility and weight to the company’s public education efforts in the region,” adds Herbalife Nutrition North Asia Vice President Stella Tsai.

“The many different topics discussed at the event have really underscored our position as a premier nutrition company because it shows that we walk the walk when it comes to fulfilling our responsibility to educate our members and their communities regarding antioxidants, biochemistry, obesity issues, and others,” she says. “The forum has also provided a platform for general audiences to become even more informed about how nutrition supplements can better contribute to their wellbeing and to understand why they need a healthy active lifestyle.”

To that end, the company regularly engages members of its Nutrition Advisory Board, which comprises nutrition and health experts from around the world. These professionals teach independent Herbalife Nutrition members about the principles of good nutrition, regular physical activity, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife has leveraged the concept of “Get Moving with Good Nutrition” for its Asia Pacific regional campaign, the Virtual Run. The second annual Virtual Run, to be held in October this year, is a good demonstration of how corporate promotes healthy active lifestyles. The activity includes a diverse range of participants, such as independent Herbalife Nutrition members and their families, employees, and external key opinion leaders.

“By bringing in our nutrition expertise and having meaningful exchanges with the experts and attendees at the Citizen’s Health Forum, we hope to inspire people in the Asia Pacific region to live healthier lives through the power of good nutrition and active living,” says Tsai. “The exchange of science-backed nutritional knowledge through industry forums such as this will also contribute to the quality and depth of nutrition-related discourse to benefit the wider healthcare community.”

Finally, the forum is a way for Herbalife Nutrition to tap into its network of over 300 scientists and doctors by engaging 10 different cross-border science communities, who help guarantee the integrity of the company’s Seed to Feed manufacturing process. For Teo, that means ensuring the quality, safety, and benefits afforded by each product.

“Herbalife Nutrition’s quality assurance and quality control processes are extremely rigorous. For example, our H24 sports products are tested for and verified free of all banned substances,” says Teo. “Furthermore, our safety testing ensures that everything that goes into our products is unadulterated and completely free of harmful or banned substances. Lastly, all information about the micro- and macronutrient properties of these products is scientifically substantiated.”

Tsai says that the success of this year’s forum has encouraged the company to push forward with similar efforts in the future. “We hope that in the future, other nutrition and retail companies can join us in support of this symposium,” she says. “We genuinely feel that this is a great way for academics and healthcare professionals to provide the public with correct information about nutrition and health, and it fits perfectly with our mission to educate and inform.”