Powered by 5G, Taiwan Mobile Pushes the Bounds of Cloud Gaming

Gearing up for the “5G+ applications” era, Taiwan Mobile has looked to two strategies to propel the company’s foray into gaming. First, a partnership with Riot Games since 2019 has put together a strong game lineup that includes Legends of Runeterra, VALORANT, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Both parties are committed to breaking new ground for game distribution in the telecom services landscape.

Shortly after its local launch, Legends of Runeterra topped both the iOS and Android download charts. Subsequently, the Legends of Runeterra Academy was established in response to players’ feedback, encouraging many in the gamer community to share handy tips and card game walkthroughs. Meanwhile, first-person shooter game VALORANT also received glowing reviews and has even been touted as a “must-play” shooter title of 2020. Taiwan Mobile kicked off its first VALORANT Summer Cup Esports competition in September, attracting more than 70 professional and amateur teams. The championship series was staged at the New Taipei City Esports training center. The winning team, Looking for Sponsors, impressed onlookers with top-notch teamwork, precise game-play coordination, and exclusive “agent” moves that eliminate opponents at the perfect time. As the competition heated up, the number of online spectators grew to over 30,000.

Secondly, Taiwan Mobile has also teamed up with NVIDIA, the powerhouse in the Graphics Processing Unit industry. Their cloud gaming platform GeForce NOW Alliance Taiwan Mobile has opened a new chapter in gaming history. Thanks to superb 5G and home broadband capabilities, players can enjoy high-speed cloud gaming at any time. Their experience is greatly enhanced by generous bandwidth and reduced latency.    

GeForce NOW allows players to stream games from the cloud, even with less-than-optimal hardware settings. The GeForce graphics card can be virtually plugged into a laptop or any other device. Be it a PC, Mac, or Android handset, the device is immediately transformed into a powerful Esports gaming station. Your favorite PC games are at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere. More importantly, the GeForce NOW platform is connected in real-time to different digital game stores (STEAM, EPIC, Ubisoft Connect, Wargaming, etc.). Players can access previously purchased PC games online and try out popular free titles. They can easily send invitations to other players, taking part in a PC game community that allows thousands of players to stay connected simultaneously.

Taiwan Mobile has taken cloud gaming further with a “telecom + cloud gaming” bundled subscription discount offer. Its 5G GFN high-speed “double goodies” plan charges a monthly fee of NT$1,549 or $1,749. Through this new all-purpose solution, users can enjoy multiple perks facilitated by high-quality mobile and fiber-optic networks – all-you-can-eat 5G mobile access, free upgrade to fiber-optic home broadband, free intra-network minutes, as well as “free before 450 Mins” inter-network and fixed-line calls. Upon subscription, a GeForce NOW Premium membership is automatically activated. Users can choose between “MyCard game points” and “momo coins” (equivalent to NT$4,500 in cash) as a sign-up reward. For the first 6 months of subscription, they can also get free entertainment add-ons – myVideo’s collection of over 10,000 videos and MyMusic’s library of close to 10 million songs.