Taiwan Business in Brief – December 2020

Stimulus Voucher Program Expanded

The popular triple stimulus voucher program introduced by the Taiwan government in July has been expanded to include Alien Permanent Residency Certificate (APRC) holders and foreign diplomats. Starting from November 16, Taiwan’s approximately 13,000 permanent residents and 1,400 diplomatic personnel can purchase the vouchers, which cost NT$1,000 and are valued at NT$3,000, at post offices across the island.

Justifying the expansion, Premier Su Tseng-chang said that many of Taiwan’s APRC holders have deep connections to Taiwan, identify as Taiwanese, or have made significant contributions to the nation. Including these foreign residents in the program is the government’s way of showing its appreciation, he said.

When introduced, the stimulus program was initially restricted to Taiwanese citizens and those foreigners who had residency through marriage to a citizen. That decision was criticized by many in the foreign community, who argued that foreign residents should be entitled to the same rights and benefits as other taxpayers, whether citizens or not.

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