Kaohsiung Sets a New Milestone in the Meetings Industry

Kaohsiung has continued to carve out a place in the global meetings industry and extend its economic influence across the East Asia region. The development of meetings industry has been central to the city’s plan to enhance its power in digital creation and innovation, as well as bolstering the economy as a destination.

The meetings industry brings about economic benefits at both macro and micro levels. The 2018 report by Oxford Economic showed that the global meetings industry yielded $2.53 trillion of economic impact. A survey conducted by APCO Insight for U.S. Travel revealed that nine out of ten testified that meetings improve their ability to close deals, network and grow professionally. An impressive 80% said they have attended meetings or events that would not have yielded the same success if it had been done by video or phone conference.

The Kaohsiung City Government has been dedicated to transforming the harbor city from one that focuses only on heavy industry to one that balances development with cultural as well as meeting industries. Kaohsiung’s Asia New Bay Area has become a pivotal technological industry cluster, fostering development of industries including AIoT and 5G application, cruise tourism, and meetings.

It is crucial for a city that harbors great ambition to increase its world influence to host an international event. In establishing a transformed image in the world, Kaohsiung competed with 12 other cities and won the bid to host ICCA 2020 Congress, showing that Kaohsiung has built itself as a vibrant and attractive destination that harnesses the power to make innovative transformations.

Based in the Netherlands, International Congress and Convention Association, ICCA, is a global community and knowledge hub for the international association meetings industry. Currently, ICCA has regional offices in the U.S.A., Malaysia, South Africa, U.A.E., and Uruguay. The association consists of more than 1,100 members (by corporation) internationally, EU and Asia region take up more 75% of membership pool. 

Among the key members are convention bureaus, meeting venue providers (e.g. hotels, convention centers), airlines, meeting planners / specialists (PCO, association manager), event planners. ICCA is a core center of all expertise in the international association meetings market.

ICCA Congress is held annually and in 2020, Kaohsiung is the host city. Past host cities include Houston, Dubai, Prague; Taipei was the host city in 1992. This is the first time in the past 28 years for ICCA Congress to be held in Taiwan.

The year 2020 has been a challenging year and a significant number of congresses and events have been cancelled due to the impact of the pandemic. Despite the challenges, ICCA still holds an adamant determination to bring all the members together and forge new strengths to face the new future.

In 2020 Kaohsiung will run from November 1st to 3rd. The 59th ICCA Congress will be marked as monumental for its innovation in the whole congress design. It will be a hybrid congress gathering attendees virtually or at a real site, with programs broadcast live to different time zones. The mode has prompted a discussion of Kaohsiung Protocol, which is the first protocol named after a city in the meetings industry. It recognizes the importance of forming consensus and strategies in coping under new changes.

ICCA Congress has long served as an inspiring event in the industry. This year, Kaohsiung will have programs that touch upon finding new opportunities, new talents, and new ways of achieving success business-wise, and present banquets as well as performance groups featuring Taiwan and Kaohsiung local culture. The venues for the 3-day event include Weiwuying, Whale Bridge on the Asia New Bay Area, and Kaohsiung Exhibition Center.

ICCA 2020 Congress in Kaohsiung will set a milestone in the history of the meetings industry. Online participation is warmly welcomed to join the host city Kaohsiung in the spotlight on the world stage.

To find out more, please visit ICCA 2020 Congress website.

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