The Regent Taipei’s “Summer Cruise Vacation” Room Discount Plan

With the first summer vacation since the outbreak of the coronavirus fast approaching and with borders still not fully open, we can expect to see the phenomenon of “revenge spending” to take hold. To take advantage of this golden opportunity to serve the domestic travel sector while enabling those who can’t travel abroad to enjoy something similar to an international holiday, the Regent Taipei is offering a discounted “Mid-summer Cruise-style Vacation” experience from July 15 through August 31. Stay at the hotel and enjoy the opportunity to eat, drink, play, relax, shop, and learn. For parties of two or more adults, the package covering a stay of three days and two nights starts from NT$2,990 per adult per night, half price for children under 12 years of age. Reservations must be made before July 10. In addition, each room guest can enjoy a buffet dinner valued at up to NT$1,628 at the Brasserie restaurant buffet. Guest are welcome to use the “Safe Travel Hotel Voucher” or “Stimulus Voucher” for other consumptions.

To broaden the content of the plan to simulate the experience of going on a cruise, the hotel is collaborating with HTC VIVE to incorporate its new VR video game system with table games and story castles to create an outstanding brand-new children’s game room. Every evening popular movies are shown by the rooftop pool, enabling hotel guests to take in the Taipei skyline while experiencing a “City and Star Theater.” At the buffet-style dessert bar, the food and beverage department has also prepared a wide variety of ice cream flavors, candy trolleys, and a healthy yogurt option for the children.  

For the shopping and learning aspects of the “Summer Cruise Vacation” plan, the hotel has invited the Regent’s 32 Boutique brands to provide a “Shop Around the World Summer Academy.” The contents include forums with designers, guided tours of famous shops, instruction in fashion and style, shopping discounts, etc. In addition, the meticulously planned “Regent Family Academy” will offer guests nine different lessons, with an online learning option through channels on the TVs in their rooms. The topics include housekeeping techniques for folding towels, packing luggage and making up beds; culinary arts creations such as decorating cupcakes and mixing summer drinks; tours of the major attractions in a five-star hotel and lessons in photographing them; English and Japanese songs and dances; walking tours to explore urban culture in the surrounding community, etc. We invite guests of all ages to enjoy a family lifestyle and create memories of an enjoyable summer. 

“The epidemic has changed people’s lives and spending patterns,” Regent Taipei Managing Director Simon Wu points out in describing the motivation for the “Summer Cruise Vacation” room discount plan. “As we pay more attention to our health and that of our families, we want to devote more time and money to meaningful things such as spending time with family. The Regent Taipei is taking this opportunity to combine the aspects of eating, drinking, recreation, shopping, and learning, so that guests will use this chance to have a fun vacation. At the same time, they can choose to read a series of educational materials on family activities. We hope to help produce a quality lifestyle for families, showing our care for the communities we live in. We also aim to increase understanding of food ingredients and food safety, as well as to encourage learning and sharing culture, while using creativity to showcase the good things in life.”