Ever Rich ROT’s Brand-new Airport Experience

In the Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2, the renovated Central Area Duty Free shops and Food & Beverage area have officially opened. Ever Rich, winner of the Renovate-Operate-Transfer (ROT) tender, invested around NT$1 billion for the phase 1 reconstruction. Its meticulous planning strategy focused on providing a more efficient and professional airport experience as well as accommodating increased passenger volume.

Offerings from many local and international catering brands are available in Ever Rich’s renovated F&B area, which was decorated by local Taiwanese artists.

Taoyuan International Airport’s Terminal 2 Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) tender has been one of the most significant ROT cases in Taiwan in recent years. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications cooperated with the Ministry of Finance to entrust Taoyuan International Airport Co., Ltd. with awarding the project to the highest bidder. The goal was to increase airport revenue while reducing government costs. The objective is to be achieved by introducing efficiency and professionalism through public-private partnership, thereby boosting the development of Taiwan’s tourism industry.

A mural by a local artists displaying Taiwanese endemic species in an enchanted forest creates a bright and lively atmosphere in the F&B space.

Combining Taiwanese elements with international design

Ever Rich invited the London-based interior design team The Design Solution (TDS) to create an experience for passengers to enjoy a spacious duty-free shopping area with reduced traffic flow. Passengers can now more conveniently explore the diverse products on offer, ranging all the way from cosmetics to local souvenirs to liquor and tobacco. In line with the goal of incorporating Taiwanese imagery into the store design, TDS created a winding pathway, decorated with curved patterns, that runs throughout the terminal, providing a relaxing ambience for shopping. Customers are guided along the pathway, encouraged by the interior design to explore each product area and at the same time gain further insight into Taiwanese culture.

The construction period extended through two major tourism seasons, Chinese New Year and summer vacation. Despite the increased volume of passengers, Ever Rich gave priority to passenger comfort by working at night and adopting a column-free cantilever steel construction method to minimize the impact on passersby.

An airport experience that interacts with all five senses

Ever Rich invited Taiwanese artists to use their expertise to create an enjoyable and interactive shopping experience. Among them was Feng Cheng-tsung, who created a series of giant art installations, such as “Taiwan Mountain” and “Passengers,” which use traditional thread-binding books to bring Yushan, Taiwan’s highest mountain, and the world’s eight peaks to life. His projects symbolized Taiwan’s important role in honoring Chinese tradition and culture, as well as showing the beauty of Taiwan to the world. Additionally, Ever Rich invited multimedia artist Agi Chen to interact with passengers through a series of large-size digital panels. Ever Rich’s emphasis on customer engagement aims to entertain passengers with innovative multi-sensory experiences, including a fragrance-identifier program at the cosmetics and perfume section, tasting opportunities at the cocktail bar, and an immersive visual experience through VR devices.

Taiwanese artist Feng Cheng-tsung’s piece “Taiwan Mountain,” on display at the store’s entrance, represents the beauty of Taiwan.

A whole new service, concept, and image

Bearing in mind the demand of Taiwan’s visitors for consistent quality, Ever Rich personnel made numerous visits to well-known local food suppliers. As a result of that research, it has now introduced a wide range of famous local Taiwanese and Asian delicacies, complementing renowned international brands such as McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Ever Rich hopes to bring enjoyment to every passenger as they proceed from the fashion cocktail bar (which changes each season) to the intriguing doll-clutching machine, developing a long-lasting memory of Taiwanese street culture as they pass by colorful neon signs that coax visitors to come take a closer look.

The use of neon lights not only livens up the Duty Free area, it also reflects Taiwanese street culture.

The comprehensive renovation of the terminal redesigned and reconstructed everything from the corridors to shops and waiting areas. To help create a lively local atmosphere, authentic Taiwanese characteristics are represented through museum stores and shops specializing in aboriginal and Hakka products, as well as artistic works and festival events to spotlight Taiwan to the world. Through this ambitious project, Ever Rich is not just marketing Taiwan to the world but is serving as the dynamic bridge between Taiwan and the world.

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