Farm-to-Table Steaks from the Cowboy State – at The Sherwood’s TOSCANA

You wouldn’t be alone if the first things you think of at the mention of Wyoming are big swaths of farming and ranch land and beautiful natural scenery. After all, the western U.S. state is known far and wide for its superior-quality agricultural products, especially its premium-grade beef.

But it may surprise you to know that Wyoming is also becoming a pioneer in the use of blockchain technology to assure consumers that the product they are buying is genuine Wyoming beef. The technology traces the meat from the ranch through the selection and slaughtering processes, packing and shipment, and ultimately to the kitchen.

The Sherwood Taipei, with the assistance of the recently inaugurated State of Wyoming-Asia Pacific Trade Office, is taking advantage of this new opportunity by using a blockchain platform to track all of the beef it imports through its exclusive partnership with the independent Murraymere Farms.

The luxury hotel’s TOSCANA Italian Restaurant, though primarily known for its authentic Italian cuisine, has also made a name for itself in Taiwan for its steaks – using prime-grade, corn and grain-fed U.S. beef straight from the windswept plains of Wyoming. Murraymere Farms, located in Powell, Wyoming near Yellowstone National Park, has specialized in raising cattle safely and humanely for four generations. The ranch encompasses over 2,000 acres and is home to 900 mother cows.

The Sherwood was the first in Taiwan to introduce the technique of dry aging process for beef back in 2006, and now once again proves its reputation as a culinary trailblazer through being the first to import the steaks from Murraymere Farms. The restaurant’s staff and guests say it provides an even more powerful, flavorful dining experience. It’s hard to disagree, as the thick cut of lightly seasoned meat is delivered to your table sizzling in a thin layer of its own rich oil. The sound of the oil crackling, says TOSCANA Chef Alex Hsieh, is akin to popcorn popping and jumpstarts the senses even before you smell the dish’s mouth-wateringly savory aroma.

The presentation is secondary only to the taste and texture of the steak. One bite in and you already know that what you’re getting is best-in-class. The superior texture and fine marbling of Murraymere’s beef means that the steaks at TOSCANA are firm without being chewy, wonderfully tender without immediately melting on your tongue. The steak is seared on all sides, then roasted on high heat to seal in the juices and lock in the flavor. Although the steak alone is enough to satisfy most diners, it also pairs exceptionally well with the Truffle French Fries.

Don’t assume that steak is the only draw at TOSCANA, though. The restaurant’s comfortable and inviting atmosphere is accentuated by its outstanding Tuscan décor, making it an ideal setting for special occasions or client meals. Chef Hsieh, together with F&B Western Manager Orbie Yang, have collaborated on a wide-ranging menu that includes the Kale Chop Chop Salad, dressed in a sweet, tangy vinaigrette and topped with seasonal fruit and corn flakes. Those who love beef but want a less formal option can go for the Wyoming Steak Burger, a classic burger cooked to order. And no trip to TOSCANA is complete without trying the signature Black Truffle Ice Cream, which blends sweet and savory flavors in a delectably creamy – but not overly indulgent – dessert.

Stop in at The Sherwood Taipei’s acclaimed TOSCANA Italian Restaurant to enjoy authentic steaks from the range. To make reservations, please call (02) 2718-1188 or visit The Sherwood Taipei: No. 111, Minsheng East Road, Section 3, Taipei.

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