Calling all young professionals: Apply to the NextGen Business Leaders Program

Our members rave about their employees. They’re hardworking. Open to training. Have strong business ethics. They can be trusted. And they execute tasks well.

But our Business Climate Survey this year identified some areas that could be stronger. They include English ability and communication skills. Creativity and the ability to innovate. An international mindset. And a willingness to take initiative.

Now that we’ve identified these areas that need development, AmCham Taipei wants to help make Taiwan’s workforce even more competitive. We’ll do it with our 2020 NextGen Business Leaders Program, which begins taking applications this month. 

The idea is simple. We’re asking our CEOs to identify young professionals who show great potential to advance in their careers and become the next corporate leaders in Taiwan.

These are people who are younger than 35. They might speak English well but need to polish their communication skills. They’re interested in the world but still need to develop their global mindset. They’re innovators who would be inspired by meeting some of the most creative corporate leaders in Taiwan.

We want to select 20 to 25 of these rising stars. For one year, the group would attend at least one event each month designed exclusively for the cohort. The events would include field trips, seminars, workshops, or “Meet the Boss” conversations with CEOs from our most successful companies. 

Topics would include a mix of themes such as digital transformation, the future of finance, the culture of innovation, branding, leadership, corporate relationships, and global perspectives.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the program will be the way it will enable young professionals to network with other high-potential peers across a variety of industries. These relationships will continue to inspire and support them through the rest of their careers.

The program perfectly aligns with the Taiwanese government’s initiative to promote English and retain talent. It also plugs into the exciting new Talent Circulation Alliance, launched recently by the American Institute in Taiwan. A key piece of the alliance is cultivating talent, which is the central objective of our program.

We’re urging the leaders of our member companies to identify their high-potential employees and sign them up for this program. We also want young professionals who want to join the program to ask their companies to support their application. Please find additional information and a registration form on our website