Steak from the Range – at The Sherwood’s TOSCANA

The bone-in Murraymere U.S. Prime steak at The Sherwood Taipei’s TOSCANA Italian Restaurant is served sizzling on a platter big enough to hold all 24 ounces plus a rich soup of drippings and melted butter. The steak, basted in butter, is baked twice to lock in the juices, and the sight of the steak and the sound of its sizzle are enough to get the taste buds working overtime while the rich aroma wafts through your senses. The first bite fills your mouth with luscious flavor – juicy, with just a hint of sea salt and black pepper. Less than 3% of steaks produced in the U.S. earn the top “Prime” grade, and upon tucking into a Murraymere bone-in U.S. Prime steak, you might question whether you’ve ever really tasted steak before.

The Sherwood Taipei’s TOSCANA is known primarily for its authentic Italian cuisine, but in recent years has also become acclaimed for offering the finest in steak options to meet Taiwan’s growing appetite for fine quality beef. TOSCANA pioneered the dry-aging process for steaks in Taiwan, taking the lead of the culinary arts of steak back in 2006

Once again TOSCANA is taking the lead by offering Wyoming Prime steak from the independent Murraymere Farms. The windswept, wide open high plains of Wyoming are perfect for raising cattle, and the state has been at the center of the U.S. beef industry since the 19th century. Located in beautiful Powell, Wyoming, only two hours from world-famous Yellowstone National Park, Murraymere Farms was established in 1914 on a small landholding with just a handful of cattle. Now, the fourth generation of Murrays, under the guidance of family scion Valerie Murray, continues to farm the ranch, which has grown to over 2,000 acres with over 900 cattle. The family is committed to ethical and sustainable cattle husbandry, and the thick marbling of fat along with the rich flavor and texture testify to the care provided to these Black Angus cattle.

The farm is so committed to assuring trust and quality of its 100% Prime and Choice beef throughout its lifecycle – from “conception to consumption” – that it has joined the Wyoming Certified Beef assurance program based on blockchain technology and dubbed “Beef Chain.” This cutting-edge technology provides buyers and sellers with the most transparent and up-to-date information regarding Murraymere’s beef.

Murraymere bone-in and boneless steaks are the stars of TOSCANA’s steak menu, where they join such other options as the classic TOSCANA dry-aged steak, which is seared and then roasted on high heat to seal in the juices and lock in the flavor, as well as New York ribeye and several more. The steak menu has proven so popular that 60% of TOSCANA diners choose steak for their meal.

Steak is far from the only reason to visit TOSCANA, however. The exemplary Tuscan décor with its lovely views of a lush garden offer a classic and inviting atmosphere for celebrations, special occasions, or impressing a client. TOSCANA Executive Chef has crafted a menu that goes well beyond steaks, including classic starters such as Seattle Chieftain Oysters and French Onion Soup. The Green Salad offers a creative mix of locally grown greens in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette with a sprinkling of corn flakes to give it crunch and pizazz. Top off your meal with TOSCANA’s signature Black Truffle Ice Cream dessert, a creamy delight of the sweet and savory that will leave you well satisfied.

Every weekend TOSCANA puts on a sumptuous Italian-style semi-buffet that features a broad selection of Italian cold cuts, sausages, and other meats, along with fresh seafood and the well-stocked dessert bar, starting from only NT$3,480 (plus 10% service charge).

The 24-ounce bone-in Murraymere U.S. Prime steak meal, with its complement of sides and dessert, as well as TOSCANA’S other fine quality steak meals, goes from a reasonable NT$3,480. Come on down to The Sherwood Taipei’s acclaimed TOSCANA Italian Restaurant to enjoy a truly memorable meal with special friends in your life. To make reservations, please call (02) 2718-1188 or visit The Sherwood Taipei: No. 111, Minsheng East Road, Section 3, Taipei.

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