Ever Rich: Making Duty-free Shopping Ever More Convenient

Everrich pre-order website provide 24 hours service counter at airport, even red-eye flight passengers can have duty free shopping easily.

Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, the biggest duty-free company in Taiwan, is dedicated to finding ways to make the duty-free shopping experience ever more convenient and efficient.

In 2016, for example, the company noticed that more and more Taiwanese were traveling abroad due to the rise of budget airlines. In the same year, the number of arrivals and departures at Taoyuan International Airport reached more than 40 million, up by a huge nearly 11% compare to the previous year. But the impact of the increased passenger volume on entry clearance meant that travelers had less time to spend on duty-free shopping.

Left to right, Ever Rich President Kevin Chiang, Vice Chairman Sam Wu, Endorser Sunny Wang, and Marketing Manager Markus Chang.

The response from Ever Rich was to launch the “Ever Rich Duty Free Pre-Order Website” to enable passengers to pre-purchase goods through multiple devices such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets. The system eliminates time and location constraints on making duty-free purchases. Orders can be placed any time from seven days to four hours before departure for pickup at the Ever Rich counter at the airport around the clock. Passengers on red-eye flights, for example, can place an order – and pick up their purchases – at any time at their convenience.

Since 2016, passenger traffic at Taoyuan International Airport has continued to increase, in 2018 reaching a record high of 46.53 million travelers. And Ever Rich has been increasingly serving duty-free customers through multi channels. We believe that in the coming years more than 50% of the purchases made by our customers will involve interactions with the company through two or more channels, in line with the growing popularity of e-commerce and the global trend of O2O (Online to Offline).

Among the attractive functions of the Ever Rich Duty Free Pre-Order Website is “Shop Perfect,” the one and only smart shopping mode especially designed for passengers who want to make sure that the gifts they bring to family members and friends are wanted and appreciated. The system works similarly to a wedding register. After logging into the website, passengers with a confirmed flight schedule share a special link with friends and relatives who can then connect with the website by clicking on the link and typing in their user name. The friends and relatives will then be able to add items to the shopping list, but the passenger can review and amend the list before making payment and collecting the goods from the airport.

The “Shop Perfect” function relieves the traveler of worries about what gifts friends and relatives at the destination would like to receive.

Another advantage of the Ever Rich Duty Free Pre-Order Website is the confidentiality. Celebrity shoppers in particular appreciate being able to make purchases online in private without fear of being recognized in the duty-free shop.

Among the wide variety of products available on the Ever Rich Duty Free Pre-Order Website, some of the most popular with consumers are fashion items, perfume and cosmetics, and electronic products. Recently the sales performance for perfume and cosmetics has been the most outstanding. Ever Rich has also been making an effort to expand the selection of products and brands, as well as bringing customers more products that are exclusive online.

More than 400 brands and 10,000 products.

As an indication of the strong market acceptance of the pre-order system, in 2018 the website traffic grew by 2.5 times compared with the year before. The number of registered members on the website reached nearly a million people.

Ever Rich is always striving to provide customers with the best, most convenient and friendly service. The innovative duty free pre-order website is just the latest example of how the company is determined to achieve that goal.