Staying Positive in 2019

I used to wait until breakfast before reading the news. Now it’s the first thing I do after shutting off my alarm. Before getting out of bed, I reach for my iPhone and start scanning the headlines of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times for positive news that might have broken overnight. Is the political feuding in Washington easing? Any signs of progress in ending the U.S.-China trade war? Are the markets up on Wall Street?

The global volatility and uncertainties are also worrying AmCham Taipei members. That’s obvious from our 2019 Business Climate Survey, featured in this issue of the magazine. Our member executives told us they were far less confident about Taiwan’s economic outlook for this year.

I’m trying not to let the gloom and doom get me down. After my morning news binge, I put down my phone and start focusing on the things that give me a boost of positive energy.

Here are the top five things at AmCham Taipei that excite me about the coming year:

  1. Innovation: AmCham Taipei’s membership includes many of the world’s most innovative companies. We’re going to find new ways to leverage these members’ experiences so we can play a bigger role driving innovation in Taiwan. Innovation has some best practices, and we’ll be finding more ways to share them, with high-profile events with thought leaders and content in our magazine, website, and social channels.
  2. Insights from Washington: The increasingly tense U.S.-China relationship and how it affects Taiwan will be one of the top stories in 2019. AmCham Taipei will strengthen its position as the best forum for business leaders who want to better understand where the U.S.-China-Taiwan relationship is going. Our new “Insights from Washington” speaker series will help our members connect with the officials, politicians, diplomats, think tankers, and other key influencers at the center of the issue.
  3. Digital Economy: Our membership now has a critical mass of companies working in the digital and shared economy space. They are among our most innovative and entrepreneurial members. For the first time, they are going to work together to raise their issues for our White Paper. We are looking forward to helping them resolve their regulatory challenges in the Taiwan market.
  4. Young Professionals: We will soon start a new series of events that will feature CEOs who gather (for dinner or drinks) with young professionals or next generation business leaders. At the casual events, the CEOs will provide career advice, share their stories, and take questions. This is part of our plan to be a source of career development for our younger members.
  5. Must-Attend Business Summit: Every year, the AmChams across Asia organize a two-day business summit. This year it will be held close to home in Hong Kong. It’s a fantastic event that should not be missed. The theme this year is “The Future of U.S. Trade and Investment in Asia.” Speakers will include business leaders, diplomats and government leaders from across the region. They will be talking about the new geopolitics of Asia, economic vision of U.S. investors in the region, and trends in innovation. I encourage all our members to attend. Visit the website to register.