TOSCANA Brings the Best Flavors from the West!

Known originally for its authentic Italian cuisine, the Sherwood Taipei’s TOSCANA Italian Restaurant in recent years has also appealed to the growing appetite and appreciation for steak in Taiwan. TOSCANA never fails to delight guests with its specialty and premium beef dishes, and it has developed a loyal following among Taiwanese wishing to enjoy the best in steak.

From Wyoming’s Murraymere Farms

Murraymere Farms is the first ranch in the State of Wyoming to export beef to Taiwan, available exclusively at TOSCANA. A family-owned business founded in 1914, Murraymere Farms is located in beautiful Powell, Wyoming, less than two hours’ drive east of the world-famous Yellowstone National Park. Four generations later, the Murray family has approximately 900 breeding cows on a farm of over 2,000 acres.

The farm commits to raising high-quality, grain-fed cattle in a safe and humane way, paying close attention to every aspect of the operation from “conception to consumption.” TOSCANA Executive Chef Kevin Hsu points out that “Murraymere beef is graded as USDA Prime, the best grade given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) meat-grading system.” Only a small percentage of all U.S. beef has the degree of marbling and rich flavor and texture to qualify as USDA Prime. Considering the limited supply, only a handful of restaurants outside the United States are able to offer this grade of meat.

Rich and Buttery, Cooked to Perfection

Chef Hsu is proudly featuring the tender and delicate flavors of beef from Murraymere Farms as the star course on TOSCANA’s new winter menu. The Murraymere beef’s superior texture and fine marbling leaves you craving more. There are two ways of cooking to demonstrate the perfection of Murraymere beef. For boneless Murraymere beef it’s the same as with the classic TOSCANA dry-aged steak, which is seared, then roasted on high heat to seal in the juices and lock in the flavor.

Bone-in Murraymere beef, however, requires a different cooking process. It starts off in the oven, baking under high temperature to build up a crusty sear. Once the sides are golden brown, the Murraymere steak is cut to expose the raw meat inside, which is basted with butter to add an intense aroma. The steak takes on a fragrant, buttery and nutty flavor as it bakes for a second time until the desired degree of doneness, and is then served with basic seasoning of sea salt and ground black pepper.

Culinary Excellence at TOSCANA

If you’re looking for a comforting atmosphere with exceptional food – or a special place to celebrate the holidays – the Tuscan décor of TOSCANA Italian Restaurant overlooking a beautiful garden offers a warm and inviting open-space environment.

Chef Hsu carefully selects premium cuts to satisfy the most devoted steak lover, providing options of New York, Rib-Eye, or bone-in Murraymere steak for the main course. There are also classic starters such as Seattle Chieftain Oysters and French Onion Soup, plus the restaurant’s signature Black Truffle Ice Cream dessert to top off the meal – all for a reasonable NT$3,380 per person (plus 10% service fee). The restaurant also puts on a sumptuous Italian-style weekend semi-buffet with a wide selection of premium meats, fresh seafood, and a dessert bar, starting from NT$3,080 a person (plus 10% service fee) depending on the main course.

Come to The Sherwood Taipei’s TOSCANA Italian Restaurant this winter to enjoy a special meal for a special occasion. To make reservations, please call (02) 2718-1188 or visit the Sherwood Taipei: No. 111, Minsheng East Road, Section 3, Taipei.