In Penghu, A Shrine to Relaxation Opens

None of us are strangers to the daily stresses and responsibilities of life. Whether you keep getting stuck in traffic jams, you have to drive your kid to that 5:30 a.m. swim practice, or your email inbox is about to burst at the seams, we all deserve the chance to get away and relax for a little bit. The newly opened Discovery Hotel in the idyllic island chain of Penghu offers the perfect combination of outstanding service set amidst stunning natural beauty, so you can relax with no worries.

Part of the Everrich Duty Free line of tourist facilities and retail outlets, the Discovery Hotel has been making tireless strides towards improving choices for visitors to Penghu by providing more activities and attractions and improving the quality of service on the island chain. With so many fun-filled activities to choose from, visitors are no longer limited to visiting Penghu in the summer months and can now visit whenever the mood arises!

The hotel features rooms that overlook either the harbor or the park from which fireworks are launched during the annual fireworks festival on the archipelago. No matter which room you have, you are guaranteed a spectacular view. There are a variety of options with room choice, including a family room with a fun design for the kids. The rooms are modern and spacious, designed with comfort in mind.

The culture and history of Penghu are distinct from that of Taiwan, and its unique atmosphere is reflected in the Discovery Hotel. The hotel’s all-day restaurant features a bar made of wood derived from native Penghu trees which evolved to withstand fierce winds whipped up in the wintertime. The lobby motif is inspired by indigenous symbols, including fish and plants native to the islands, and even the logo takes the form of a traditional oriental window that symbolizes the beauty of Penghu as seen from the hotel.

Due to ocean currents and atmospheric patterns, the islands of Penghu are known for disruptive winds in the later months of the year. The facilities at the Discovery Hotel are specifically designed to overcome this obstacle, featuring an open-air pool and bar with a roof to protect visitors from the elements while maintaining an outdoors ambience.

Just next to the hotel is the newly opened Profond Pier No. 3 Shopping Plaza. The largest shopping mall in Penghu, the Profond Pier No. 3 Shopping Plaza offers a range of fun activities no matter the season and is worth a trip on its own. It boasts an extensive duty-free mall with the best brands the market has to offer at lower prices. After you’ve wandered the stores and are looking for a bit of physical activity, the GoStar Challenge Park is the perfect next stop. With a state-of-the-art gym, an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course, and augmented-reality climbing wall, there are activities for visitors of every age and athletic ability.

For those who enjoy an oaky Macallan or a smooth Glenlivet, the Profond Pier No. 3 Shopping Plaza contains the Whiskey 101 Experience Space, which takes visitors through the history of the drink and an in-depth explanation of how the liquor is processed and distilled.

The inclusion of unique experiences such as this is another example of the lengths Everrich consistently goes to on behalf of its clientele. With these innovations, you can ignore the previous limitations of the tourist season; you’ll have more flexibility and freedom to choose when you want to vacation, adapting to your individual schedule.

Aside from the extensive facilities of the hotel and the Plaza, there is a culture of dedication in service at the Discovery Hotel. The staff is extremely accommodating, ready to satisfy any request or offer any item that might inadvertently have been left at home. If you are hosting a large event, such as a wedding, you’ll find assistance at every step of the planning process at the Discovery Hotel. You don’t need to worry about any of the small details; the only goal is to make it as memorable and happy an experience as possible.

Economically, the hotel and shopping complex provide more than 400 job opportunities in Penghu, encouraging Penghu natives to return to their hometown and boosting the local economy and tourism industry. The project has not only worked hard to lengthen the tourist season and give visitors greater flexibility with planning activities, but represents a revitalization of the tourism industry and entire economy of Penghu.