Pfizer’s Dedication to Public Welfare

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) i s an extremely important part of Pfizer’s vision and mission of “Working Together for a Healthier World.” For many years, the company has been involved in programs around the world to help advance healthcare and public health causes, including collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and non-profit organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to fight disease and support sustainable development.

Since 2012, Pfizer has also promoted the concept of “Get Old,” reminding people to take good care of themselves at every stage of their lives so as to enjoy a healthy and happy old age.

Over the years, Pfizer Taiwan has conducted numerous types of charitable activities, including disaster emergency relief, support for disadvantaged members of society, and health promotion and disease prevention campaigns. Volunteer teams of Pfizer employees pay special attention to two groups within the population – the elderly, who often feel lonely and isolated, especially if they are living alone, and underprivileged children whose families lack the resources to provide them with enriching social and educational opportunities.

Given Taiwan’s rapidly aging population, attending to the physical and mental health of the elderly is a pressing social issue. Pfizer is actively involved in helping Taiwan’s seniors find comfort and enjoyment in their later years.

For many years in both Taipei and Taichung, Pfizer and the Hondao Senior Citizens’ Welfare Foundation have escorted handicapped elders who live alone to supermarkets and hypermarkets on Lunar New Year’s Eve for holiday shopping and to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Pfizer and the Hondao Senior Citizens’ Welfare Foundation have organized festivities for 40-some elderly residents who live alone in the Pingxi district of New Taipei City, the area in Taiwan with the highest average age. Music, games, and a highly popular nail-polishing service were offered with the holiday meal.

As part of its activities for children, Pfizer has long helped sponsor the World Peace Association’s “Save the Children” breakfast program to help ensure that children from disadvantaged families have enough to eat in the morning before starting class. In addition, each summer Pfizer organizes various outdoor activities for these children involving the arts, athletics, and exposure to nature.

In 2016, in cooperation with both the World Peace Association and the Hondao Senior Citizens’ Welfare Foundation, Pfizer volunteers organized a “Trip of Compassion” that brought underprivileged children from Taipei to Pingxi to spend a day with the elderly. They enjoyed a meal and various recreational activities together. For both the youngsters and the aged, it was a warm and memorable experience.

In 2017, Pfizer volunteers and the World Peace Association brought a group of underprivileged children to the National Concert Hall to attend a concert entitled “String Carnival” organized by virtuoso cellist Chang Cheng Chieh. For most of the youngsters it was the first time for them to hear a concert, and hopefully it will stimulate an interest in and appreciation of the beauty of music.

Through these and other CSR activities, Pfizer is proud to be able to make its contribution to a better, happier, and healthier world.

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