Baby Born on Flight, Mom in Trouble

A Taiwanese woman surnamed Jian gave birth on a China Airlines flight headed to Los Angeles but diverted to Anchorage, Alaska to deal with the inflight emergency.

The baby was delivered by UCLA physician Angelica Zen, a Taiwan native, with assistance from the flight crew. While initial reports focused on the successful delivery, subsequent news noted the passenger had violated international regulations stipulating that when an expectant mother is more than 32 weeks pregnant, she must provide a doctor’s note certifying she is able to fly. The woman reportedly had reached her 36th week at the time of the flight, although she allegedly told airline staff that she was not yet in the 32nd week. China Airlines is reportedly seeking compensation for the flight diversion from the woman, who was denied entry into the United States and flown back to Taipei. The baby was admitted into a local hospital after the plane landed in Anchorage, and was left in the care of friends of the mother.


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