Military Completes Annual Wargames

Wargames -- Taiwan's Armed Forces participate in the annual Han Kuang military exercise simulating an invasion by Chinese forces.

Taiwan’s armed forces engaged in the annual Han Kuang (Han Glory) wargames September 7-11, which simulated an invasion by Chinese forces and are intended to test the nation’s combat capabilities and the effectiveness of its military mobilization.

Supervised by President Ma Ying-jeou, the wargames involved thousands of troops and advanced military equipment engaging in complex maneuvers.

“We want to prevent wars but we’re not afraid of fighting…While serving as a peace maker, we also want to operate solid and self-sufficient forces,” Ma is quoted as reminding troops. The exercises occurred across the nation and its offshore islands and included live-fire drills employing 8-inch M110 and 155-mm M109 self-propelled howitzers – designed to thwart a hypothetical attack on the coast of northern Hsinchu County – as well as mobilization of air force defenses and radar installations. The wargames also featured an amphibious landing drill staged in Pingtung County, the defense of a resupply fleet off of Kinmen, and an airborne exercise in Taichung. Taiwan’s most advanced weapons systems were brought to bear during the drills, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND), including P-3C submarine-hunting aircraft and the AH-64E Apache attack helicopter, both recently acquired from the United States. Locally developed weapons systems were also employed, and the country’s first locally designed stealth missile corvette, the Tuo Jiang, as well as the Panshih supply vessel, debuted at this year’s drills. The MND said this year’s exercise was larger in scale than last year’s and included both active and reserve troops from all three branches of the military, the Army, Navy (including the Marine Corps) and Air Force.

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