Hung Hsiu-chu Faces Doubts Over Campaign

KMT presidential nominee Hung Hsiu-chu continued to face questions over whether she will continue to run in the race or step down in favor of a stronger candidate.

Hung-shiu-chu-KMT-taiwan-electionsReports continue to circulate that the KMT is dissatisfied with her candidacy, and some pundits have speculated that she might be asked to accept the party nomination for vice president instead. So far, support for her campaign has been tepid. Hung, who is deputy legislative speaker, is trailing DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen badly in recent polls, and the entrance of PFP chairman and perennial candidate James Soong only seems to be siphoning off much needed support. A poll taken at the end of August by the Taiwan Indicators Survey Research organization found support for Tsai at 37.1%, followed by Soong at 21.6%, with Hung trailing at only 13.9%.