Ting Hsin Oil Boss Released on Bail

Disgraced Ting Hsin Oil and Fat Industrial Co. chairman Wei Ying-chun was released on NT$100 million in bail on January 28 by the Changhua District Court.

Wei, one of four brothers making up one of the wealthiest families in Taiwan, was indicted on October 21 for his role in the waste oil scandal that rocked Taiwan at the end of 2014. In that incident, raw materials regarded as unfit for human consumption were allegedly used in the production of edible oils. The court decided that since the three-month holding period had been reached and prosecutors had concluded their investigation, there was no further reason to hold Wei.

The bail decision was immediately appealed to the Taiwan High Court by the Changhua District prosecutor’s office, which has been investigating the case since late last year. Rejecting the appeal, the High Court sent the case back to the Changhua District court for reconsideration, which again granted bail but raised the amount to NT$300 million. The release of three other defendants in the case on NT$5 million in bail was also upheld by the Taiwan High Court.

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