Chen Shui-Bian Paroled for Health

Former president Chen Shui-bian, serving an 18-year-plus prison term after having been convicted of corruption, was released on medical parole on January 5, following a determination by the evaluation council of the Ministry of Justice’s Correction Agency that his health condition had deteriorated. On that basis, the Taichung District Prosecutors Office, which has jurisdiction over the Taichung Prison where Chen was serving his sentence, granted him a one-month release to his family home in Kaohsiung – guaranteed by bail of NT$2 million. The ex-president is reportedly suffering from sleep apnea, loss of motor control, suspected Parkinson’s disease, and other ailments. The 64-year old will need to return to prison once his health stabilizes, the Correction Agency said, noting that the time on parole will not count towards his completing his sentence.

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